River water with shadows.

The River Murray near Blanchtown, South Australia.

Hydrologists workbench

The Hydrologists Workbench project is developing tools to automate common workflow processes to access, calibrate and use hydrological models and data.

  • 4 March 2010 | Updated 8 April 2013

Project summary

Managing water resources is a major challenge facing Australia.

More vital than ever is the need to model how water management decisions might affect the availability, condition and use of water resources.

Since water information is being constantly improved and updated, there is a growing need to repeat and revise complex integrated modelling exercises.

The Hydrologists Workbench can automate repetitive tasks, not only reducing the time taken to perform them but also ensuring consistency and repeatability.

A key component of the Water for a Healthy Country Flagship vision is to enable water management planners, hydrologists and scientists to easily perform tasks that involve hydrological model integration.

By further developing the Hydrologists Workbench it will be possible to integrate hydrological models into repeatable workflows based on the latest hydrological information.

The Hydrologists Workbench project will provide common work processes and technical interfaces to hydrological data and models.

These tools will enable users to more readily and reliably perform complex and repetitious tasks when integrating hydrological data and models.


Developing routine information products such as water accounts and regional resource assessments should be done in a standard, consistent and transparent way.

The Hydrologists Workbench project will:

  • develop a framework that addresses the difficulty in integrating hydrological models together
  • provide a services-based, hydrological modelling platform that draws upon the new technologies of web services and scientific workflows to provide a solution to model integration
  • support the development of workflows for the calibration of landscape models for the production of national water accounts and assessments.

Key research deliverables

The Hydrologists Workbench project will roll out an integrated hydrological modelling desktop application that will provide:

  • the ability to discover and visualise spatio-temporal data from Spatial Information Services Stacks (such as those hosted at the Bureau of Meteorology and Geoscience Australia)
  • interfaces to hydrological models to allow integrated modelling tasks to be easily generated and executed
  • the ability to save tasks to be rerun at a later date, thus providing the benefits of repeatability, transparency and auditability.

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