The centre of the image is red, radiating out to orange and blue at the edges.

Simulation of the signal strength of a wireless local area network operating at 5 GHz (red is a stronger signal, blue is weaker).

Creating a wireless world

CSIRO is working on enabling technologies for future mobile and wireless communications networks and developing next generation imaging and sensing systems.

  • 28 July 2011 | Updated 14 October 2011

We are entering the era of ubiquitous communications networks, where everything is always connected, and this means increased demand for reliable, wide bandwidth wireless connections.

CSIRO's wireless and networking technologies researchers (some 80 scientists and engineers) are working on innovative solutions to the problems of unreliability, incompatibility and low data rates associated with traditional wireless networks.

Our capabilities

Our research focuses on:

  • antennas and propagation
  • signal processing and communications
  • network science.

Our Research

Our research is applied in areas such as:

Digital communication networks

We are investigating:

  • increasing wireless network capacity, throughput and the robustness of signals by, for example, developing antennas that reconfigure themselves to make the most efficient and flexible use of the radio spectrum.
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    Our communications research aims to increase wireless network capacity, throughput and the robustness of signals.
  • better utilising the microwave and millimetre-wave spectrum. The wider bandwidth at millimetre frequencies allowing data-rich information like video to be transmitted wirelessly at up to 20 gigabits per second.
    Read more in Building high bandwidth wireless communications links.
  • new generation wireless backhauls for connecting a fibre backbone to a radio access node.

We are particularly interested in cognitive networks. In cognitive networks, intelligent nodes, equipped with technologies like those detailed above, cooperate among themselves to deliver information with improved link reliability, capacity and coverage – even in rural and remote areas.

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Positioning and sensing

We are developing radio technology to locate and track people and assets in technically challenging environments, such as underground and in built-up areas.

Applications include monitoring:

  • emergency services personnel
  • elite athletes
  • people and equipment in underground mines.

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Supporting radio astronomy

We are developing antennas and associated technology − in particular, electronic beamforming − for the Australian Square Kilometre Array Pathfinder radio telescope which CSIRO is building in Western Australia.

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Track record

Our major achievements include:

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