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CSIRO and food production: securing our food future

Delivering science to enhance food production and quality in Australia and internationally.

  • 10 November 2010 | Updated 14 October 2011


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Access to food and the need to increase food production are two major issues for the world. The world's food supply faces unprecedented challenges from:

  • population growth
  • increased competition for land and water
  • diversions of food to other uses such as biofuels
  • climate change
  • economic development leading to changes in food consumption.

Agriculture and food research is typically cross-disciplinary, incorporating aspects of agronomy, economics, ecology, plant and animal biology, genetics, social science, material science and climate science.

CSIRO researchers are working with industries and communities across Australia and internationally to raise agricultural productivity; preserve land, water and biodiversity assets for the long term; and improve livelihoods for rural communities.

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Opinion: some food for thought on food security

For many of us, the current focus on food security may have come out of the blue. However as we pause to reflect on World Food Day, there are significant challenges to be faced as a nation if we are to have a reliable and affordable supply of food in the future – and we are to live in a world where others have sufficient food for healthy and active lives.

Food security explained: issues for Australia and our role in the global challenge

Issues for Australia and our role in the global challenge.

Betting on the farm to feed the planet

Australia agricultural feeds 60 million people globally, but maintaining this level of production against a backdrop of increasing population, climate change impacts, land degradation and the finite supply of productive soils, is proving to be a major challenge. (6:58)