Weather service graph showing a sample model output for temperature over Victoria.

Sample model output for temperature over Victoria.

Providing specialised weather forecasts

CSIRO's significant climate science expertise is being used to deliver specialised weather forecasting services to a range of industry and recreation clients.

  • 31 May 2005 | Updated 14 October 2011

CSIRO has developed a capacity to deliver specialised weather and climate forecasts that can be used as management tools in a range of commercial markets.

This capacity is the result of a significant investment in weather and climate science by CSIRO over the last decade.

Forecasts can be prepared for specified parts of Australia, tailored to clients’ needs.

What we forecast

CSIRO provides weather and climate forecasting for enhanced tactical and strategic decision making in business.

Typically, we provide predictions of a range of weather variables at 30-minute intervals during an eight-day forecast period:

  • temperature
  • rainfall
  • humidity
  • wind direction
  • wind speed.

The forecasts can be tailored to the needs of clients and integrated with the client's own business data. Specialist weather forecasts allow, for example, wholesale electricity sellers, buyers and end-users to estimate demand and price in advance.

Who uses our forecasts

CSIRO uses this capability to offer weather forecasting products for sectors such as:

  • energy
  • insurance
  • banking and financial
  • aviation
  • transport, including shipping
  • the ski and snow industry
  • water
  • agriculture (we also offer 6-9 month seasonal forecasts)
  • fisheries
  • fire services
  • tourism
  • retail, such as clothes, ice cream and entertainment.

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