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Federal Government Agency Sites

Australian Broadcasting Authority (ABA) http://www.dca.gov.au/aba/hpcov.htm   
An independent Federal statutory body. Its function is to regulate the Australian broadcasting industry in terms of licensing, programming, ownership and control of services.  
Australian Broadcasting Corporation (ABC) http://www.abc.net.au/  
 Australia's national non-commercial broadcaster.  
Australian Film Commission (AFC) http://www.afc.gov.au/  
Australia's major film development agency. It is partly funded by annual Federal Government appropriations, with its main source of revenue being film investments and interest on deposits.  
Australian Film Television and Radio School (AFTRS) http://www.aftrs.edu.au 
A national training institition. The school offers training in cinematography, direction, design, editing, scriptwriting, sound design and radio broadcasting.  
Australia Council   http://www.ozco.gov.au/  
The primary Federal Government funding and advisory body for the arts.  
Department of Communications and the Arts (DCA)  http://www.dca.gov.au/  
Provides the Australian Government with policy advice in the area of communications, media and the arts. The Department has six divisions: Telecommunications, Arts and Heritage, Licenced Broadcasting and Information Services, Film, Public Broadcasting and Intellectual Property, Planning and Review, National Transmission.  
Film Australia   http://www.filmaust.com.au   
One of the largest producers of television documentaries and commissioned audio-visual programs in Australia.  
Australian Film Finance Corporation (FFC)  
Australia's major film funding body.  
The National Library of Australia  http://www.nla.gov.au/  
One of the country's major research libraries containing extensive collections of books, journals, newspapers, microforms, manuscripts, maps, music, pictorial materials, films and videos and other materials. The Screen Studies Collection contains films, videocassettes and laserdiscs relevant to screen studies, including feature-length and short fiction, documentaries, experimental, animation, television series and films about film and television. http://www.nla.gov.au/2/film/films.html  
Office of Film and Literature Classification (OFLC)  http://www.oflc.gov.au  
Is responsible for the classification of publications, films and computer games.  
State Government Agency Sites

Film Victoria  http://cinemedia.net/filmvic   
The Victorian government film funding body.  
New South Wales Film and Television Office (NSWFTO) http://www.filmtv.com.au/NSWFTO   
Pacific Film and Television Commission (PFTC) http://design.net.au/pftc   
A Queensland Government initiative established to further develop Queensland's film and television production industry.  
State Film Centre of Victoria  http://www.cinemedia.net/sfo/foyer.html  
The State Film Centre of Victoria has initiated the Cinemedia site as a virtual gateway to a range of screen cultural organisation in Victoria. The State Film Library has divided its own service into Venues, which provides information on the cinemas of the Centre; Education, for both teachers and students; and the Film and Video Library, which includes its catalogue of over 10,000 titles available in a searchable format.  
Cultural & and Industry Organisations

Alliance Online  URL: http://www.alliance.aust.com 

The Media, Entertainment and Arts Alliance is the union covering personnel involed in Australia's media, entertainment, sports and arts industries. 

Flickerfest  http://www.media.com.au/fearless/flickerfest.html  
Flickerfest Australian International Short Film Festival is an initiative of Fearless Promotions, an independent body involved in the promotion, exhibition and distribution of independent film and video in Australia and overseas. 

Melbourne Queer Film & Video Festival  URL: http://cinemedia.net/MQFVF/   
Information on the 1996 Melbourne Queer Film and Video Festival.  
Queer Screen  URL: http://www.queerscreen.com.au/   
Queer Screen presents the Mardi Gras Film Festival.  
Tropicana Short Film Festival   http://www.infolearn.com.au/tropfest/  
The Festival is held in the 'cafe stretch' of  Darlinghurst in Sydney.The annual festival features short films from new Austrlisn film makers. 
Australian Film Institute (AFI)  http://www.cinemedia.net/AFI/  
A membership based organisation financed by the Australian Film Commission which works to promote Australian film art. The AFI is concerned not only with the medium of film but also with television, video and multimedia, in terms of production, distribution, education, research and publishing. The Institute deals directly with filmmakers, screen educators, students and film historians across Australia.  
Australian Screen Directors Association (ASDA)  http://www.ozemail.com.au/~asda/   
ASDA is an industry body to support the profession of screen direction within the Australian film industry. It is a member-run organisation which makes available to its members advice on contracts and work practices.  
 Australian Teachers of Media Inc (ATOM)  http://www.cinemedia.net/ATOM/   
An independent, non profit association with state chapters across Australia linked through a National Conference. It is an independent forum for issues concerned with the media for media teachers, and is particularly concerned with the film and television industry.  

Australian Writers Guild (AWG)  http://www.afc.gov.au/www/sco/awg/AWGIndex.html  
A professional member-run association which supports television, radio, screen and stage writers. The AWG is involved in negotiating guidlines for employment for scriptwriters, campaigning for increased Australian content, for funding assistance, and for appropriate legislation in terms of copyright, broadcasting and libel. 
Darwin Film Society  http://www.afc.gov.au/www/sco/dfs.html   
The Darwin Film Society is the Northern Territory's leading film cultural organisation.  It was established in 1964 and reconstituted in 1972 when it became an incorporated body. Today the Society's function is to present a range of  theatrical and non-theatrical films, which are not usually shown in Northern Territory cinemas or on television. Activities organised by the Darwin Film Society include members screenings, festivals and special events curated locally and interstate. The Society also assists the development of film groups across the north of Australia.  
Experimenta Media Arts (EMA)   http://www.peg.apc.org/~experimenta/  
A Melbourne based group which  provides support activities and services for new artists involved in  film, video, installation, performance and electronic media art. 

Film & and Television Institute, Perth (FTI)   http://imago.com.au/FTI/  
Western Australia's development centre for independent film, video, multimedia and exhibition. 

Media Resource Centre (MRC)  http://www.webmedia.com.au/mrc/  
Provide community access to film and video facilities, film and video information, film exhibition and production assistance. An independent, non-profit organisation. 
Melbourne Super 8 Film Group  http://www.cinemedia.net/super8/  
The group's main role is to encourage and facilitate the production, distribution and exhibition, of Super 8 films, as well as the general promotion of Super 8 filmmaking.  
MTV Publishing Ltd (Cinema Papers)  http://www.afc.gov.au/www/sco/CP/cp.html   
Australia's leading film publication. It was begun by film makers in the 1970's and is now in its twenty-third year of publication. The magazine covers all areas of film, including production distribution, exhibition, as well as film history, film education issues and film finance. Cinema Papers is disrtibuted in over 60 countries.  
Screen Producers Association of Australia (SPAA)  http://www.afc.gov.au/www/sco/spaa/spaa.htm  
SPAA is the industry association representing Australia's independent film and television production industry.  
Screen Publications

AFC Free Publications http://www.afc.gov.au/www/download.html  
This is a list of documents are available free from the Australian Film Commission. Some may be read online while other larger can be downloaded in a variety of file formats. Free hard copies of these documents can also be received by mail by filling out the form provided at the site. 
Screening the Past http://www.latrobe.edu.au/www/screeningthepast/  
An international electronic journal of visual media and history. 
Cantrills Filmnotes  URL:  
A  bi-annual review of independent film and video, particularly concerned with experimental film, video art and associated work in performance and installation art.  
Real Time  http://sysx.apana.org.au/realtime/  
The electronic version of Australia's free national bi-monthly arts tabloid. Includes substantial coverage of screen cultural issues. Back issues from 12 (April-May 1996) are available, and now there is a searchable index.  
Film Reference Sites

Australian Media Facilities Directory (AMFD) http://www.amfd.com.au/AMFD/amfdhp.htm   A comprehensive directory of media, advertising, film and related industries in Australia.

Australian WWW Film & Television Production Service http://www.filmtv.com.au   
An online directory of facilities and people serving the Australian film and television industry.  
Cinemedia URL: http://www.cinemedia.net/  
An initiative of the State Film Centre of Victoria now with Film Victoria. Online it has been designed as a virtual building, which houses a number of Victorian screen cultural organisations including the AFI, MIMA, ATOM, Melbourne Queer Film and Video Centre and the Melbourne International Film Festival.  
Culture and Communication Reading Room http://wwsshe.murdoch.edu.au/cntinuum  
Ppart of the Humanities Web site at Murdoch University. It is a virtual library for researchers in cultural studies,containing previously published and refereed. The site includes back issues of Continuum journal, Oz Film, resources for the study of Australian cinema, and information about the operations and publications of the Centre for Research in Culture and Communications.  

Encore URL: http://www.encore.com.au  
An online subscription page for the Encore magazine Mailing List.  
The Film Festivals Server http://filmfestivals.com/index.htm   
A comprehensive listing of Film Festival from around the world, arranged by month. It also includes a summary by alphabetical order. This site is complied by Moving Pictures magazine based in the United Kingdom.  
Internet Movie Database   http://ballet.cit.gu.edu.au/ 
This is the Australian Mirror of the Internet Movie Database. It is an extensive, searchable database which contains film details, biographies and filmographies of the people involved in making films and reviews.  
The Production Book  URL: http://pb.com.au  
This is an online version of the print publication, The Production Book. The online directory includes comprehensive contacts and information on personnel, facilities and services in the film, television, advertising and multimedia industries.  

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