Film Title Animal Tracks

Scientific Field Biology/Zoology



Organisation Exploration Production Inc

Country Canada


Producer Larry Bambrick

Director Larry Bambrick

Previous Award


Animal Tracks is a thirteen part series of half-hour programs that

deal with, that's right, Animals. But this isn't a cute animal show.

Not animals water skiing, or strange men with 59 cats in their

attic. The focus isn't just the animals, but the way people interact

with them. How we're trying to help some animal species survive.

How we're pushing others to the brink.

Each show focuses on the work of one or more researchers who

are dealing with a specific animal. From the troubled efforts to

reintroduce Canadian lynx to Colorado, to the difficulties people

in Banff have with the invading population of elk, where ever

people and animals come into contact, you'll find Animal Tracks.

The reasons for the focus are simple. As the human population

expands, there are increasing pressures put on the other

animals we share the planet with. Whether that means the

destruction of habitat, or threats posed by traffic, pollution etc.,

the more people there are, the more threats there are to animals.

Entering its fourth season, the program has won several awards

from the International Wildlife Film Festival, and is focusing on