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Program Archive - 2009 festival

Travelling Film Program

Design and technology:
Robot World + Rodney’s Robot Revolution + Between the folds

Human Evolution and Biology: The Good Heart Attack + Darwin on the Evolution Trail + Reading the book of life + A lasting desire to last

A career in science: Science fiction Science fact + Blood, tears and sweat + Why is science important? + Sound Waves + Naturally Obsessed: the making of a scientist

Space: Dish Communication + Alienation + The little street called the Milky Way + Universal Surprise + The ingredients for life + The creation of the moon + Big bang + Space Transportation: ATV perspective

Look! Up in the sky!: WTF (a bad acronym for) Woomera Test Facility + The Moving Earth + 400 Years of the Telescope

Health and Medicine: Blood Sample + The Antibiotic Adventure (Pts 1 & 2)

The Plant Earth: Planet Earth + O as Origin + Big bang in Tunguska + Two planets, one future + What on earth is wrong with gravity?

The Science of Traditional Knowledge:
Crookhat and Camphoo + Walking Dancing Belonging + Boomerang today + Merrepen - Dilly bag weaving

Student Short Film Competition 'Look! Up in the Sky!': Alienation + The first moon landing +
Let's talk: planets + Black Holes + The Milky Way + Constellations +
Life on Mars + The little street called the Milky Way + Space travel + The man in the moon +
Black holes and Neutron stars + The space adventure + Two planets, one future + The eclipse from then and now + The first dog in space + The creation of the moon + Discovery of Uranus + WTF (a bad acronym for) Woomera Test Facility

Winners of 2009 SCINEMA announced

SCINEMA would like to congratulate the winners of our 2009 International Film Festival

Best Film - Between the Folds (USA) Vanessa Gould Producer & Director for Green Fuse Films. "...for so elegantly and succinctly capturing the science of art and the art of science"

Best Director - Kris Kroening for 400 Years of the Telescope (USA)

Best Student Film - Kristian Lang for WTF
with commendations for
Geoff Abeshouse for Universal Surprise
Enya Daly and Katya Simao for The Little Street Called the Milky Way Honourable mention for
Alexander Simpson for Black Holes

Best Television Series - Pierre Bressiant for The Antibiotic Adventure (France)

Best Narrative Film - Martyn Park for 1 and 0nly (Australia)

Best Animation/Experimental Film - Bobby Cerini for Robot World (Australia)

Best Short Film - Sasha Andrews and Jeanne Guiraud for Sound Waves (UK)

Award for Scientific Merit - Deborah Kingsland (Producer) and Documentary Filmmakers Group (UK) and The Wellcome Trust for the short film series Science on Film (UK)

SCINEMA also presented a special award to the Central Australian Aboriginal Media Association in recognition of their ongoing contribution to science film in Australia.

Winners are being presented at the launch of National Science Week 2009 at Questacon, Canberra on 12 August 2009.

Congratulations to our winners and to all filmmakers who entered SCINEMA 2009.

Many thanks to our judges - Cris Kennedy, Damian Harris, Bridie Smith, Sue Faulkner

Download your copy of the 2009 SCINEMA program

[PDF, 2.3Mb]

Download your copy of the 'Look! Up in the Sky!' poster for your classroom

[PDF, 679kb]


SCINEMA 2009 Festival

In 2009, SCINEMA delivered 9 programs of new science film, with an accompanying tour by international artist Jon Lomberg and filmmaker Bobby Cerini.

Our films | National Guest Tour | 2009 winners announced | Young filmmakers program

Our 2009 films

400 Years of the Telescope USA. D. Kris Koening. 60mins
A visually stunning chronicle of the history of the telescope from the time of Galileo, its profound impact upon the science of astronomy, and how both shape the way we view ourselves in the midst of an infinite universe. Visit the website

Voted Best Director at SCINEMA 2009

A lasting desire to last France. D. Bernard Bloch. 52mins
A woman takes a sometimes humorous approach to investigating the reasons behind the ageing process and the various possible ways of slowing it down.

Alienation Australia. (Student finalist: Edward Brazier, Nhulunbuy High School) 5mins
Aliens discover a previously inhabited planet we know as Mars. Deciding its not worth colonising, the Earth beckons.

Between the folds USA. D. Vanessa Gould. 56mins
Chronicles the stories of ten fine artists and intrepid theoretical scientists who have abandoned careers and scoffed at hard-earned graduate degrees - all to forge unconventional lives as modern-day paper-folders. Visit the website

Voted Best Film at SCINEMA 2009

Big bang Greece. D. Helen Giokari. 4.5mins
The Big Bang - light, energy, radiate, compound, evolve, compose and create.

Big bang in Tunguska Germany. D. Christoph Schuch. 45mins
On 30 June 1908, the largest explosion recorded in human history reverberated round the planet. The force of the explosion destroyed in the Siberian taiga a woodland area the size of Luxemburg. This fascinating doco explores the scientific evidence of its origin.

Black Holes (Student finalist: Alexander Simpson, Woodleigh School)
What are black holes and how do they form?
Highly Commended - Student Film at SCINEMA 2009

Black holes and Neutron stars (Student entry: Matthew Payor & Hugh Taylor, The Kings School, North Parramatta) 5mins
An introduction to black holes and neutron stars

Blood Sample UK. D. Steve Jackman & Bala Sirigireddy. 5mins
When an emergency is admitted to the Homerton Hospital where he works in the Pathology Department, Bala has three minutes to test the blood sample and find the right match. If he makes a mistake, the patient may die.

Blood, tears and sweat UK. Khaldoon Ahmed & James Logan. 5mins Experiments with natural body odours that repel mosquitoes have helped scientists make advances in the search for a cheap safe mosquito repellent.

Boomerang Today Australia D. David Tranter and Allan Collins. 22mins
Boomerang today is an observational documentary about the making of a number seven boomerang by four senior traditional men from Central Australia.
SCINEMA 09 would like to warn viewers that this film may contain the names, images and voices of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people who may now be deceased.

Constellations (Student entry: Kilbreda College) 3mins
What are constellations and two constellations in the southern hemisphere.

Crookhat and Camphoo D. David Tranter. 22 mins.
Crookhat and Camphoo are Alyawarra elders who are master spear makers. They share their cultural knowledge on a journey through the red sand and Spinifex of their country, unravelling the secrets of an ancient craft and its relationship to their heritage.
SCINEMA 09 would like to warn viewers that this film may contain the names, images and voices of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people who may now be deceased.

Darwin on the Evolution Trail France. D. Yanick Mahe. 10mins
Curious by nature, the young Charles Darwin embarks on a voyage around the world, unaware that he was embarking on a sensational scientific breakthrough.

Discovery of Uranus (Student entry: Linda Hookey, Toongabbie East Public School) 1 min
Two people count how many planets they can find. They discover the telescope and they look through to discover Uranus. They are happy because they found another planet.

Dish Communication Australia. D.Shaun Wilson. 7mins
At a remote radio dish, Professor Quintaine searches for signals from outer space while Rose the cleaner searches for signals from Professor Quintaine.

Let's talk: planets (Student finalist: Reza Sazesh & Paul Zyska , Marrickville Intensive English Centre) 5mins
Science can advance in a spiral, along an 'p' trend line. Old rejected theories can be rediscovered (like the sun as the centre of the solar system) while decisions can be changed (like Pluto). We explore the use of science, art and computing collaboratively, for learning.

Life on Mars (Student entry: Solinna Sieng, Kilbreda College) 2mins
The process of discovering life on Mars

Merrepen - Dilly bag weaving Australia D. Steve McGregor. 22mins
A group of traditional women take us into their country to gather the precious Merrepen leaves and berries, which are intricately hand woven to make incredibly versatile dilly bags and baskets.
SCINEMA 09 would like to warn viewers that this film may contain the names, images and voices of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people who may now be deceased.

The Milky Way (Student finalist: Alexander Simpson, Woodleigh School) 2mins
The Milky Way and things I have learned about it.

Naturally Obsessed: the making of a scientist USA. D. Richard & Carole Rifkin. 60mins
Mixing humour with heartbreak to tell the story of three irrepressible student scientists.

O as Origin France. D. Yanick Mahe. 8mins
Piccolina, a little water molecule, recounts the exciting story of the formation of our planet earth and the emergence of life

Planet Earth Australia. D. Dominique Salvatore. 5mins. An introduction to the Earth

Reading the book of life Canada. D. Jack Micay. 30mins
The story of the race to sequence the human genome and what the sequence first revealed.

Robot World Australia. D. Bobby Cerini. 4mins
An overview of the latest developments in robotics research today in the format of a pop music video clip.
Voted Best Experimental Film at SCINEMA 2009

Rodney’s Robot Revolution Australia. D. Andrea Ulbrick. 60mins
Explores artificial intelligence as Prof. Rodney Brooks races to create the world’s first affordable personal robot.

Science fiction Science fact Netherlands. D. Jim Franks. 6.5 mins
Whether it is Star Trek’s Enterprise or the iconic space station of 2001: A Space Odyssey, science fiction has always provided inspiration and ideas for the scientists and engineers that design and build real space craft.

Sound Waves UK. D. Sasha Andrews & Jeanne Guiraud. 5minS
Of two families with deaf children, one has decided to have a Cochlear Implant for their son, the other has not.
Voted Best Short Film at SCINEMA 2009

Space Transportation: ATV perspective Netherlands. D. M Cowan. 32mins
The European Space Agency’s Automated Transfer Vehicle (ATV) mission is used to explain concepts like orbital mechanics, propulsion and satellite navigation.

Space travel (Student entry: Jessica Schatz, Kilbreda College) 2mins
A historical investigation into human's space exploration, from Sputnik to Mars.

The Antibiotic Adventure (Pts 1 & 2) France. D. Pierre Bressiant. 52mins ea. With the discovery of antibiotics, man has managed to neutralize microbes for the first time in history. Practically overnight, life expectancy in the Western world increased by serveral decades. We present both episodes of this visually arresting French TV production, ‘Birth of an Empire’ and ‘The Microbes Strike Back.’
Voted Best Television Series at SCINEMA 2009

The creation of the moon Australia. D. Lea-Roy Akaloua. 2 mins
This silent film entry from our student short film competition explains the origin of our moon.

The eclipse from then and now (Student entry: Tyrone Pynor, Toongabbie East Public School) 2mins
Two eclipses happen in past present and in modern days. Our film shows how people react when eclipses happen.

The first dog in space (Student entry: Matt Amituani, Toongabbie East Public School) 2mins
A man comes to a pet shop and chooses a dog to send into space.

The first moon landing (Student finalist: Michelene Tyson, Northern Suburbs Christian School) 5mins
A re-enactment of the first moon landing with added humour of aliens coming in on the scene.

The Good Heart Attack United Kingdom. D.Uli Hesse & Sean Davidson. 7mins
The resurrection of dead dogs in Russia in the 1930s. An unstoppable heart in the US half a century later. And now in London, a hand-made heart attack. How a strange, paradoxical discovery is helping to save lives.

The ingredients for life Netheralnds. D. Jim Franks. 31mins
If man is to live in space and travel to other planets, we must learn how to survive for long periods of time out there.

The little street called the Milky Way Australia. D. Enya & Katyja. 3mins
A fact file on the planets of the solar system.
Voted Runner-Up Student Film at SCINEMA 2009

The man in the moon - a study of the moon and tides 5mins (Student entry: Cheryl Fuller, Penguin Primary School) 5mins
How does the moon affect the tides? Learn all about the gravity with experiments and diagrams.

The Moving Earth Denmark. D. Lars Becker-Larsen. 52mins
1453 - astronomer Nicolaus Copernicus challenged the prevailing view of the world: he claimed that the Earth was not the immovable centre of the world but a planet in orbit around the sun.

The space adventure (Student entry: Alex Oakes, Cambridge Primary School) 6.5mins
Two boys hear about a filmmaking competition and buy a spaceship to enter.

Two planets, one future Australia. D. Clayton Orgles. 6mins
From our young filmmaker’s competition, this entry visits four young teens preparing for space exploration in their small town in country Western Australia.

Universal Surprise Australia. D. Geoff Abeshouse. 6mins
A neurotic alien is preparing for a welcome party for the lunar Mars mission explorers.
Voted runner up Student Film at SCINEMA 2009

Walking Dancing Belonging Australia. D. Mitch Torres. 22mins
Three women share their art and their experience of being in country. They share a sense of belonging to a place and walking in it, dancing with it as the songs of country and culture resonate in their artistic expression.
SCINEMA 09 would like to warn viewers that this film may contain the names, images and voices of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people who may now be deceased.

What on earth is wrong with gravity? UK. D. Paul Olding. 49mins
Dr Brian Cox travels the planet in search to understand the nature of gravity.

Why is science important? United Kingdom. D. Alom Shaha. 29mins
Science teacher Alom asks the question ‘Why is science important?’

WTF (a bad acronym for) Woomera Test Facility Australia. D. Kristian Lang. 5mins
Celebrating the dreams of the many scientists who launched Australia into the space race.
Voted Best Student Film at SCINEMA 2009

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National Guest Tours 2009

With thanks to the Australian Government's National Science Week grants program, SCINEMA is pleased to announce two very special gests touring Australia as part of our 2009 program.

Jon Lomberg Bio + dates | Bobby Cerini Bio + dates | news about Mark Lemmon tour

Jon Lomberg - Jon Lomberg is one of the world's most distinguished artists inspired by astronomy. He specializes in designing and executing visual presentations about astronomy in all media, including exhibit design, film and television, computer graphic, print and electronic media. In addition to creating his own art, he has managed and led teams of artists and technicians on major projects using sophisticated image technology. Film fans will appreciate his work as Astronomical Visual Consultant on the Jodie Foster film Contact. Jon Lomberg was the Project Director for a DVD called Visions of Mars, produced by The Planetary Society. It is intended as a gift for any future human explorers of the Red Planet  who find the ancient spacecraft on the Martian surface centuries from now. Lomberg served as Editor-in-Chief for this project which documents humanity's long fascination with Mars as reflected in science fiction stories, artwork, and popular culture. Recently updated, the Visions of Mars DVD landed safely near the Martian north pole on May 25, 2008. From Jon Lomberg spoke at the following locations for SCINEMA 2009 - Adelaide Mon 17 August at Union Hall, Adelaide University; Sydney Fri 21 August at 'Big Night of Science' - Powerhouse Museum; Melbourne Mon 24 August VR Theatre, Swinburne University

Bobby Cerini - Science communication professional Bobby Cerini has been scouring the globe to wrap her head around fame and science. Exploring the ideas that brought scientists international recognition and what impact success and notoriety had on the work and the careers of those in the public arena, Bobby has filmed interviews with hundreds of names we know (and many we don't, but should). Bobby shares clips from these interviews with the SCINEMA audience and talks about her findings.

Bobby Cerini spoke at the following venues for our 2009 Festival - Adelaide Sun 16 August at Pacific Cultures Gallery, South Australia Museum; Hobart Wed 19 August at Centenary Lecture Theatre, UTAS, Sandy Bay campus, Hobart; Brisbane, Fri 21 August at INTECOL 10th International Congress of Ecology

Breaking News - Mark Lemmon tour cancelled - with apologies to folk in Canberra and Perth - SCINEMA team 11.8.09

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