CSIRO developed the patent for faster Wireless LAN (WLAN) technology in the 1990s and has since gone on to become a world-leader in the research of wireless networks.

Our researchers have continued to advance the wireless frontier in areas such as wireless positioning, antenna design, and parallel beam-forming, along with developments of a similar pedigree emerging from many of the country's top universities and research institutions.

We have now entered an age where access to ubiquitous high-speed broadband will become essential for the delivery of and access to even the most basic of human services, bridging the "digital divide" between remote, rural and urban communities will become an issue of fundamental social equity.

Discover here CSIRO's legacy, current developments and future in wireless technology research and development.


Peak Data - coming to a network near you

CSIRO has released a report on "spectrum crunch" and the role of ubiquitous connectivity in future wireless applications.

Wireless technology set to boost emergency services in the US

Wireless technology developed by CSIRO is set to revolutionise public safety communications worldwide, delivering fast, efficient and reliable high bandwidth communications to emergency vehicles on the move.

Tracking the world's top athletes

We’ve partnered with Catapult Sports a world leader in athlete tracking devices to deliver a new wireless tracking solution for indoor sports applications.

Fewer towers for CSIRO rural broadband wireless

In what could prove to be a major breakthrough for people living in rural and regional Australia, CSIRO is developing wireless broadband technology that could operate using barely a quarter the number of transmission towers required by current systems.

WLAN technology wins international patent award

The CSIRO team that invented a faster system for wireless local area networking – which later became the foundation of Wi-Fi in its most popular form today – has won a European Inventor Award 2012.