Celebrating 40 years of collaboration with China 1975 — 2015

CSIRO has been working with China for 40 years. Our longest-standing partner in that time has been the Chinese Academy of Sciences (CAS), who first visited CSIRO in 1975.

In all of that time, our integral partner has been the Chinese Academy of Sciences (CAS). Together we have created great benefits for both of our countries through research collaborations, staff exchanges and new innovations.

As well as CSIRO's long partnership with CAS, CSIRO also works with many other partners in China, including government bodies and state-owned enterprises, universities and commercial companies.

We are proud of our collaboration with China, and look forward to continuing our strong partnerships to create benefits for both of our countries.

CSIRO and China

  • 532 CSIRO staff speak Chinese
  • 484 CSIRO staff were born in China
  • 3736 papers co-authored by CSIRO and Chinese co-authors between 1970 and 2014
  • The Chinese academy of science is CSIRO's top co-publication partner in Asia

Our shared history of innovation


A delegation from Beijing's Academia Sinica (now Chinese Academy of Sciences) visits Australia, including CSIRO


The Vice President of CAS visits CSIRO and senior CSIRO executives visit Chinese Academy of Sciences (CAS)


12 Chinese scientists begin training at CSIRO


The first four CSIRO-CAS collaborative projects begin


CSIRO and CAS sign a Research Cooperation Agreement


30 managers from China's National Non-Ferrous Metals Industry Corporation begin a three-month management program at CSIRO


CSIRO and Chinese researchers begin a 10 year collaboration on wool production and animal health


CSIRO wins a contract to supply its award-winning optical technology to the Chinese Mint


China uses CSIRO technology to improve safety and productivity in the resources industry


CSIRO works with various Chinese meteorological organisations on issues such as air pollution, climate variation and weather forecasting


His Excellency Hu Jintao, President of the People's Republic of China, visits CSIRO in Perth


CAS and CSIRO appoint a Joint Steering Committee to oversee the strategic relationship in four focus areas of national importance


CSIRO works with the CAS technology transfer hub in Foshan to assist small to medium enterprises