The National Outlook is a world-first attempt to forecast what Australia's 'physical economy' – the essential nexus of water, energy and food - might look like in 2050.

[Image shows Steve Hatfield- Dodds with label: Director, Australian National Outlook, talking to the camera from a lookout]

Steve Hatfield-Dodds: With the world's population rising to nine billion by 2050, choices we make today are crucial to our national wellbeing.

[Different images of Canberra flash by on screen]

[Animation appears showing a power plant, farm, dam and city]  

The Australian National Outlook explores 20 possible futures for energy, food, water and Industry over the next 35 years.

[Image changes back to show Steve talking to the camera]

Forty scientists analyse these future pathways using our integrated framework with nine economic and environmental models.

[Image changes to an animation of a compass with images surrounding it as follows: stock exchange graph, kangaroo, truck, water droplets, light bulb, river, wheat, lots of people standing in rows, a cloud with the sun behind it]

[Image then shows Parliament House then changes to show Steve standing next to a small dam talking to the camera]

The findings revealed that community decisions matter and will shape our prosperity, and that economic growth and stability can be partners not competitors.

[CSIRO logo appears with text: Australian National Outlook,]

National Outlook Team – finalists in the Eureka Prizes 2017

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