CSIRO has worked in Indonesia for over 40 years, predominantly in agriculture, food, biosecurity and fishery activities in collaboration with a large number of Indonesian, Australian and International partners.

CSIRO collaborates with Indonesian Institutions on approximately 20 publications annually, and have five current Memoranda of Understanding (MoU) with Indonesian research agencies. 

ARISA program

Since 2015 CSIRO and the Australian Government have been working with the Government of Indonesia (The Ministry of Research Technology and Higher Education – RISTEKDIKTI) to increase the incomes of a target 10,000 smallholder farmers in eastern Indonesia.

The Applied Research and Innovation Systems in Agriculture (ARISA) program forms part of the Australian Government’s AIP-Rural program, which promotes economic development, poverty reduction and increased food security in Indonesia by stimulating productivity and increasing farmers’ access to markets. It focuses on driving collaboration between researchers and agribusinesses of all sizes to adapt existing innovations for their local conditions.

Program activities have included:

  • Technical support through access to capacity building and internationally experienced technical expertise,
  • Financial assistance to share and spread investment risks through matching co-investment, and
  • Access to national and international best practices for the development of agricultural innovation systems.

Already more than 13,000 farming households have access to new practices, information and inputs through ARISA activities, with 4,500 households recording increased incomes. This equates to an additional AUD 13 million earned by adopting ARISA activities against a total project expenditure of just over AUD 4 million.

ARISA interventions are also creating positive outcomes for women in production and post-harvest. For example, new livelihood opportunities for women in cassava processing are contributing additional income to households in east Java.

Australia-Indonesia Foresighting Project

Indonesia and Australia are working together to prepare for 2030 and beyond by identifying shared issues and exchanging information on options for achieving sustainable development for both nations.

We brought together experts from leading universities, research institutions, businesses and government in both countries to carry out participatory foresighting for four research themes or clusters. These were:

  • Agriculture and Food
  • Energy
  • Health
  • Infrastructure

By exploring megatrends towards 2030 and beyond, our researchers support government and industry leaders in both countries to make important decisions on joint issues.

The foresighting process helps leaders identify, anticipate and proactively respond to forthcoming change which has the potential to harm or help an organisation, community or larger population. Read about the results of this project here.


CSIRO has a partnership agreement with the Agency for the Assessment and Application of Technology (BPPT), Indonesia’s publicly funded applied research agency.

Together, CSIRO and BPPT research: 

  • biosecurity;
  • food and agriculture;
  • energy and mining; and
  • sustainable development.

5 Ways We Can Work Together in ASEAN

  • Create IP to address major regional challenges   
  • Discover new Australian innovations through CSIRO’s ON network
  • Access world leading facilities and technologies
  • Connect to Australian deep tech businesses expanding across ASEAN 
  • License existing technology.

Contact information

Archie Slamet
Country Director, Indonesia

+62 21292 26801

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