CSIRO's partnerships in Vietnam span many decades, initially focused on environment and agribusiness areas, particularly in capacity building and developing sustainable agricultural industries, but more recently expanding to cover areas as diverse as aquaculture, space science and our digital future.

Our partnerships in Vietnam are a critical part of CSIRO's presence in the ASEAN region. As well as building capability in the country, many of our projects contribute to progress against the United Nations' Sustainable Development Goals.

Prawn industry

CSIRO has been collaborating with the prawn industry in Vietnam since 2012, applying our technology to reduce the risks of stock losses from disease. These collaborations are helping stimulate the growth of international, research and development partnerships in Asia, and are contributing to global efforts towards economic development, poverty alleviation and food security.

In partnership with Viet-UC, we're developing a shrimp seedstock hatchery operation. CSIRO helped to build a feed industry based on our Novacq product, which is now in the shrimp production stage. Vietnam is the world’s second largest producer of shrimp, producing 600,000 tonnes per year.


A Memorandum of Understanding between CSIRO, the Vietnam National Satellite Centre (VNSC) and the Vietnam Academy of Science and Technology (VAST) was signed in 2016. A key focus of this MoU is to establish scientific collaboration around Earth observation applications such as forest and crop mapping, water resources, disaster impacts and climate change.

It will also involve cooperation to develop a work plan to use CSIRO's DataCube service to build data sets and algorithms for environmental management, an approach pioneered by CSIRO, Geoscience Australia and partners to organise and analyse satellite imagery and Earth observation datasets.

Digital economy

In partnership with Vietnam's Ministry for Science and Technology (MOST), funded by Australia's Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade, we are examining the state of Vietnam's digital economy at the beginning of 2018, and trends that will affect its development over the next 20 years. This study will share different scenarios of plausible futures for Vietnam's digital economy, specifically in two significant industrial sectors: manufacturing and agriculture.

Five ways we can work together in ASEAN

  • Create IP to address major regional challenges
  • Discover new Australian innovations through CSIRO's ON network
  • Access world leading facilities and technologies
  • Connect to Australian deep tech businesses expanding across ASEAN
  • License existing technology.

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