Our largest international partner is the United States of America, and we also have significant collaboration with Canada. We have long-standing and extensive relationships with government and corporate organisations.

The United States of America is our biggest international partner, and Canada consistently ranks in the top ten of our international partner countries.


In early 2017, we opened an office in the United States to help put Australian science at the centre of the world's research and technology frontier. The opening of CSIRO US supports the Australian Government's National Innovation and Science Agenda and increases Australia's capacity to bring world-leading technologies to the market. CSIRO US supports the Australian government and we partner with the research sector and business - playing the role of Australia's innovation catalyst on a global scale. CSIRO US facilitates relationships with North American Global and Fortune 1000 organisations, government agencies, universities, and research institutions to turn big ideas into disruptive products. 

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Who we work with

CSIRO US evaluates potential matches and synergies between clients, partners and CSIRO's 5,000 scientists. We collaborate to understand the needs of North American clients and partners and find the right resources within CSIRO.

We work with:

  • Government Agencies including NASA, Livermore National Lab and Argonne National Lab
  • Commercial Businesses including Boeing, GE and Anatomics
  • Academic Institutions including UC Davis
  • Foundations and Public/Private Partnerships including the Gates Foundation
  • Venture Capitalists

Fulbright CSIRO Postgraduate Scholarship

In 2008, CSIRO and the Australian American Fulbright Commission established the Fulbright CSIRO Postgraduate Scholarship, which enables an American citizen to undertake postgraduate research in Australia, working on a project with one of CSIRO's Business Units.

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