We work directly and indirectly with the nations of the Pacific region, including New Zealand, Vanuatu and Papua New Guinea.

We are involved with many environment-related projects in the Pacific region, particularly related to climate and adaptation.

In addition to direct partnerships with Pacific nations, we also work with French agencies to support French territories in the Pacific, and with regional bodies such as the Secretariat of the Pacific Community.

Australia and New Zealand are working together on the Square Kilometre Array, a next-generation international radio telescope that will be vastly more sensitive than the best present-day instruments. This is increasing the opportunities for collaboration between CSIRO and researchers in New Zealand.

Collaboration partners in the Pacific

Our collaborators in the Pacific include:

  • Agence des Aires Marine Protégés, France
  • Auckland University of Technology, New Zealand
  • Government of Vanuatu
  • L’Institut de recherche pour le développement (IRD), France
  • MeteoFrance, France
  • PNG Department of the Environment, Papua New Guinea
  • PNG National Museum and Art Gallery, Papua New Guinea
  • PNG Office of Climate Change and Development, Papua New Guinea
  • Secretariat of the Pacific Community
  • Victoria University of Wellington, New Zealand.

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