The members of the Executive Team, individually and as a committee, support the Chief Executive to lead, direct, coordinate and control the operations and performance of CSIRO. The Executive Team as a committee is the primary executive leadership body in CSIRO.


The Executive Team (ET) is the primary executive leadership body in CSIRO.

Its role is to determine matters, or make recommendations to the Chief Executive and through the Chief Executive to the Board, regarding the direction and operations of the Organisation.

The members of the ET, individually and as a committee, support the Chief Executive to lead, direct, coordinate and control the operations and performance of CSIRO.

The Chief Executive and ET members govern the Organisation in accordance with the policies, strategy and plans approved by the Board and the Board Directions to the Chief Executive.

The Chief Executive and ET members assist the Board to fulfil the duties of the Board as set out in the Science and Industry Research Act 1949 (SIR Act) and the Public Governance, Performance and Accountability Act 2013 (PGPA Act) .

The ET is supported by two ET committees:

Specific Responsibilities

In fulfilling its role, the Executive Team will:


  • Make decisions, or recommendations, regarding the regulation of the affairs of the Organisation, including those required by CSIRO procedures.
  • Develop and implement strategies and plans to efficiently and effectively deliver the Organisation’s functions and strategic objectives, including financial strategies to ensure the financial sustainability of the Organisation through effective use of resources.
  • Promote effective and routine communication within CSIRO on the governance requirements, accountabilities, and responsibilities that support strategic decision-making.
  • Prioritise and direct CSIRO’s strategic investment in science, capability, capital, support and the delivery of research outcomes (impact). In doing so recognise the benefits for effective science planning of longer term budget commitments and ensure the strategic alignment, integration and coordination of CSIRO’s investment.
    • approve annual budgets and 3 out year budgets and operational plans (objectives and deliverables) and budgets, within which research and enterprise service business units will operate and transactions will be approved.
    • approve capital investment plans and budgets consistent with the CSIRO Strategic Capital Plan.
  • Make decisions, or recommendations, regarding the Organisation’s involvement in government and similar programs; and the development and participation in major projects and similar initiatives.
  • Systematically identify and oversee strategic and operational risks and opportunities whilst being a champion for considered commercial and scientific risk within the organisation.
  • Endorse and recommend to the Board for approval, through the Chief Executive, the:
    • CSIRO Strategic Plan
    • CSIRO Strategic Capital Plan and budget
    • Corporate Plan
    • CSIRO policies and related changes
    • Annual Audit and Risk Plans
    • Organisational Risk Profile.
  • Engage with and consider feedback and recommendations from the CSIRO Leadership Team (CLT) in respect to:
    • future CSIRO strategies and directions;
    • the development, implementation and communication of strategic and operational initiatives;
    • consistent, coordinated and efficient implementation of CSIRO Strategy 2020; and
    • alignment of CSIRO business practices particularly at the interfaces of Business Unit and Enterprise Support Service operations.


  • Make decisions, or recommendations, regarding the organisational structure of CSIRO.
  • Make decisions regarding the development of CSIRO’s capabilities, people and infrastructure, to ensure the Organisation continues to maintain its reputation for scientific excellence and capacity to respond to national challenges and opportunities as well as attract, develop and retain the best people.
  • Communicate significant decisions to CSIRO staff, adopting the most appropriate and effective information platform.
  • Make decisions regarding the development of a cohesive, healthy and safe work environment which supports creativity, diversity and the delivery of organisational goals.
  • Specifically:
    • Define succession for senior executive positions and science leadership roles;
    • Approve standards and procedures, as required, in accordance with the CSIRO Policy Framework; and
    • Recommend to the Board for approval, through the Chief Executive, changes to the Delegations and Authorities Framework.
  • Make decisions regarding business development of CSIRO overall, including the development of strategic relationships and oversight of intellectual property and technology transfer activities.
  • Direct and control CSIRO’s involvement in major transactions and related matters and investment.
  • Make decisions regarding CSIRO’s processes to ensure the processes efficiently and effectively support the operations and business of the Organisation, including the conduct of science and development of mutually productive relationships.
  • Consider and approve other matters related to the operations and performance of the Organisation at an enterprise level, including those that might have significant implications for the Organisation’s reputation.


  • Make decisions regarding CSIRO's governance and assurance arrangements, including a framework for ensuring compliance with the law, government policy and organisational policies, standards and procedures, the integrity of internal controls, financial practices and reporting systems, and appropriate and effective risk management systems and practices.
  • Apply findings and agreed recommendations of advisory, evaluation and assurance mechanisms to improve operations of CSIRO.


  • Recognising line accountabilities, monitor and govern:
    • CSIRO's overall performance including the delivery of CSIRO’s strategy, development of cross-organisational research capacity and capability and HSE performance; and
    • CSIRO's financial position and performance.
  • Report performance in an accurate and transparent manner and ensure processes support the accountability of the Organisation.
  • Recommend to the Board for approval, through the Chief Executive, the CSIRO Annual Report and financial statements.

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