The Committee assists the Board to fulfil its governance responsibilities in relation to organisational development, people related activities and health and safety.


The purpose of the Board People, Health & Safety Committee is to assist the Board to fulfil its governance responsibilities in relation to organisational development, people‐related activities and health and safety.

The Committee will monitor at a strategic level the delivery of the people‐related aspects of CSIRO's strategy, and provide strategic advice, as required.

Specific responsibilities

In fulfilling its purpose, the Committee will:

1. People

  • Review the implementation of strategies to attract, retain, develop and train the people required by CSIRO to maintain and enhance its capabilities and capacity, including the implementation of robust and integrated workforce and capability plans.
  • Assist CSIRO to ensure the Organisation has appropriate employment conditions and a competitive remuneration structure.
  • Review the implementation of strategies to embed the CSIRO Values and the CSIRO Code of Conduct in CSIRO's practices and processes, and continue to build an enhanced culture of innovation based on leadership, empowerment, diversity, teamwork and resilience.

Specifically, review and make recommendations to the Board in relation to principles underpinning the CSIRO Enterprise Agreement including broad strategic issues and options.

2. Health and safety

  • Review CSIRO's Health & Safety strategy and make related recommendations to the Board, as required.
  • Review the implementation, and monitor performance, of CSIRO's Health & Safety strategy and related initiatives.

3. Nominations and succession

  • Assist the Chairman to review the composition of the Board to ensure it has the appropriate individual and collective mix of skills, behaviors and experience required to fulfil its Functions.
  • Recommend to the Board, for nomination to the Minister, possible new Board members.
  • Develop succession plans for the Chief Executive and review the succession plans, developed by the Chief Executive, for members of the Executive Team.
  • Recommend to the Board nominations for membership (including Chairman) to Advisory Committees other than Flagship Advisory Committees.

4. Remuneration and performance

  • Make recommendations to the Board on the remuneration and performance of the Chief Executive including possible key result areas and performance targets.
  • Review the decisions of the Chief Executive in respect of the remuneration and performance assessment of Executive Team members, and ratify these recommendations if thought appropriate.
  • Exercise oversight of the executive remuneration policy of the Organisation including the senior executive banding structure (focus on positions, not individuals) and with references to the market.

Specifically oversee negotiations with the Chief Executive or nominee regarding terms and conditions of appointment.

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