The Board People and Safety Committee (BPSC) assists the Board to fulfil its governance responsibilities in relation to people, health and safety strategies, obligations, performance and culture.

Effective: 1 July 2020

Specific responsibilities

In fulfilling its purpose, the Committee will:

1. People

  • Review the development and implementation of people strategies to attract, retain and develop the people required by CSIRO to maintain and enhance its capabilities and capacity.
  • Review and make recommendations to the Board in relation to principles underpinning the CSIRO Enterprise Agreement including broad strategic issues and options.
  • Ensure the Organisation has competitive employment conditions and remuneration structure.
  • Approve the CSIRO Code of Conduct and review implementation of strategies to embed the CSIRO Code of Conduct in CSIRO's practices and processes,
  • Continue to build a one CSIRO culture of people first, mutual trust, collaborative networks, inclusion and participation, agility and experimentation, and transparency and accountability.

2. Health and safety

  • Review the development and implementation, and monitor performance, of CSIRO's Health & Safety strategy and related initiatives.
  • Ensure that the organisation has appropriate and effective health and safety systems, processes and procedures in place including processes for receiving and considering information regarding incidents, hazards and risks and responding in a timely way to that information.
  • Monitoring HSE performance through leading and lagging indicators.
  • Receive and review on behalf of the Board serious incidents reports and investigations including high potential near miss incidents.

3. Remuneration and performance

  • Make recommendations to the Board on the remuneration and performance of the Chief Executive including possible key result areas and performance targets.
  • Review with the Chief Executive proposed decisions with respect of the remuneration and performance assessment of Executive Team members and ratify these recommendations if thought appropriate.
  • Oversee the executive remuneration policy and framework of CSIRO including the senior executive banding structure (focus on positions, not individuals) with reference to the market.
  • Review and provide advice on remuneration benchmarking to ensure CSIRO retains and attracts talent.
  • Assess and endorse for Board approval the annual assessment of the enterprise performance in line with the agreed annual enterprise performance framework


The Board appoints the BPSC Chair and members. The Committee comprises at least three members of the Board, including the Chair of the Board. A quorum constitutes a majority of non-executive members of the Board on the Committee.


The Committee meets at least four times per year and at such other times as are necessary, with all meetings convened by the Committee Chair. The Corporate Secretary attends and support Committee meetings and, where invited the Executive Director - People, and senior managers of the People function.

Directors who are not Committee Members may attend Meetings.

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