We help grow Australia's productivity through excellent science that provides a positive impact for Australia. These case studies show how we have applied our research to challenges, improving lives, creating wealth and ongoing benefits to society.

Agriculture and fisheries impact case studies

We've worked with industry to breed perfect prawns and competitive cotton, and with governments to develop sustainable fishing frameworks.

Health and biosecurity impact case studies

We're designing tools to support the National E-Health Strategy, breeding fibre-boosted barley, modelling hospital volumes to improve resource allocation, and combating diseases transmitted from animals, including developing the first Hendra vaccine.

Industry and defence impact case studies

We've worked with Defence to improve armour, our research underpinned the success of WLAN technology, and our partnerships with industry have resulted in more precise mineral exploration, safer mining techniques, smart technology to reduce energy consumption and innovative new designs for textiles.

Natural environment impact case studies

Our extensive water research has underpinned national modelling and planning, including a major plan for the Murray-Darling Basin, and our work in weather forecasting has led to improved planning and prevention for natural disasters.

Science and Industry Endowment Fund (SIEF)

The Science and Industry Endowment Fund (SIEF) provides grants to science and scientists for the purposes of assisting Australian industry, furthering the interests of the Australian community and contributing to the achievement of Australian national objectives. SIEF, an independent body, has supported many CSIRO led projects with the following impact case studies forming part of an independent assessment conducted by ACIL Allen in 2016.

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