To ensure our science responds to national challenges and opportunities, we continually collect and analyse evidence and report on our progress along the 'impact pathways' set out in our impact model.

We prepare and review impact plans annually across the organisation. Our Business Units are the core vehicle for research impact delivery. Business Unit goals describe the nature of science undertaken within the context of broad national challenges. Each Business Unit also articulates the broad areas of impact it is planning to achieve, as described in the form of Impact Statements, Impact Areas and Impact Strategies.

An Impact Statement is a description of the pathways to achieving future intended impacts undertaken at the Program level.

An Impact Area is the thematic summation of multiple impact statements that, when aggregated, describe the primary focus of the work contributing to the Business Unit goal.

Diagram shows a flow chart from Business Unit Goal (aggregate primary outcome domains, scale and timeframe) at the top level, through to Impact Areas; then to Programs including Lead programs and Supporting programs through to Impact statements down to Impact Pathway Planning and finally to Projects level.

CSIRO’S impact planning and management hierarchy.

Impact Strategies provide a visual overview of each Business Unit and Line of Business Impact Plan. The following Impact Strategies are available here:

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