CSIRO – the Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organisation – is one of the largest and most diverse scientific organisations in the world. It has over 6,400 staff located across 57 sites throughout Australia and one overseas.

Our purpose

CSIRO’s purpose is defined through the functions we undertake for the benefit of Australia, which are set down in the Science and Industry Research Act 1949. These primarily include:

  • to carry out scientific research for the following purposes:
    • assisting Australian industry
    • furthering the interests of the Australian community
    • contributing to the achievement of Australian national objectives or the performance of the national and international responsibilities of the Commonwealth
    • any other purpose determined by the Minister
  • to encourage or facilitate the application or utilisation of the results of such research.

Our mission

We deliver innovative solutions for industry, society and the environment through great science.

Our vision

Our science is used to make a profound and positive impact for the future of Australia and humanity.

Responsible Minister

Senator the Hon Christopher Evans Minister for Tertiary Education, Skills, Science and Research.

CSIRO’s Values Compass

Our values guide our decisions and interactions with our colleagues and with our external partners and stakeholders. Our values are symbolised through the CSIRO Values Compass:

CSIRO's values are: integrity of excellent science, trust and respect, creative spirit, delivering on commitments, and health and sustainability

A compass with the CSIRO logo in the centre. Surrounding the points of the compass includes the words:

  • integrity of excellent science
  • trust and respect
  • creative spirit
  • delivering on commitments
  • health, safety and sustainability.

CSIRO's Values Compass guides our decisions.

  • Embracing scientific excellence and working together ethically and with integrity in everything we do.
  • Building trust and respect each day with our communities, partners and colleagues, knowing that with trust comes accountability.
  • Igniting our creative spirit, exploring new horizons and creating an environment where innovation thrives.
  • Consistently delivering on our commitments. ‘Do what we say we will do’.
  • Striving towards a healthy, safe and sustainable future.

Our history

The Council for Scientific and Industrial Research (CSIR) was established in 1926 with its primary research devoted towards agriculture. In the late 1930s this was extended to include industrial research.

In 1949, the CSIR was reconstituted as CSIRO, and gradually expanded its activities so that its research was related to almost every field of primary, secondary and tertiary industry in Australia.

Today, CSIRO is a trusted source of creative ideas and practical technologies to deliver impact for the nation.

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