These awards and honours granted in 2011–12 demonstrate our effectiveness in research and its application in industry and the community.

Outstanding performance in research is recognised by various international and national award schemes. These awards and honours granted in 2011–12 recognise our impact across research, industry and the community.

Order of Australia

Officer (AO)

Dr Tom Denmead (Land and Water Fellow) for distinguished service to environmental research in the fields of crop and soil sciences, physical ecology and micrometeorology, and through the development of improved agricultural practices.

Mr Simon McKeon (CSIRO Board Chairman) for distinguished service to business and commerce through leadership and advisory roles, and to the community as a supporter of national and international charitable, educational and sporting organisations.

Dr Richard Miln Smith (formerly Human Nutrition) for distinguished service to scientific research in the fields of human nutrition, cardiovascular disease and agriculture, to Indigenous communities in rural and remote areas, and to professional organisations.

Member (AM)

Mr Edward (Ted) Edwards (Ecosystem Sciences Fellow) for service to science in the field of entomology, particularly moths and butterflies, as an author and researcher, and as a mentor.

Dr Glen Kile (former Chief of Forestry and Forest Products) for service to forest science, biosecurity and sustainable forestry through research, leadership and management.

Dr Graham Sparrow (Process Science and Engineering Fellow) for service to mineral chemistry and to the mining industry as a research scientist and project manager in the development of metallurgical processes for upgrading Australia’s mineral resources.

Medal (OAM)

Dr Brian Cooke (formerly Ecosystem Sciences) for service to conservation and the environment through biological management programs for rabbit population control.

Public Service Medal (PSM)

Dr Michelle Storey (Square Kilometre Array) for outstanding service in supporting CSIRO’s radio astronomy objectives and working with the Australian, Western Australian and New Zealand Governments in their bid to host the future Square Kilometre Array radio telescope project.

Prime Minister’s Science Prize

Dr Ezio Rizzardo (Materials Science and Engineering) and Professor David Solomon (University of Melbourne, formerly CSIRO) were recognised for their long and distinguished research careers that led to a revolution in polymer science, profoundly impacting the level of control we have over polymer structure and function (more on page 55 of the full CSIRO annual report, which is available in PDF and RTF formats in the Download section).

Australian Museum Eureka Prizes 2011

Dr John Arkwright (Materials Science and Engineering) was awarded the Eureka Prize for Innovative use of technology for the creation of a fibre-optic catheter that is opening up new paths for the advanced treatment of colonic diseases and conditions.

Dr Wojciech (Voytek) Gutowski (Materials Science and Engineering) was awarded the Eureka Prize for Commercialisation of Innovation for developing the first true zero-waste coating technology that completely eliminates solid and liquid waste, volatile organic chemicals and the use of water in a range of industries that led to powder-coat products.

CSIRO Chairman’s Medal

The Chairman’s Medal honours the most exceptional research in CSIRO and is awarded to the scientist or team whose research is of national or international importance in advancing scientific knowledge, technology application or commercialisation.

The winners of the 2011 Chairman’s Medal were Dr Greg Constable (team leader) and the cotton breeding and biotechnology team. The team received the award in recognition of the major impact achieved on Australia’s cotton production due to the breeding and deployment of a new cotton variety.

The CSIRO Medal for Lifetime Achievement

The CSIRO Medal for Lifetime Achievement is awarded to individuals who have a record of sustained and meritorious achievement over a prolonged period of CSIRO service.

The 2011 winner was Dr Trevor Bird (ICT Centre) for his inspirational leadership and outstanding technical contributions to the international satellite industry and radio astronomy. In particular, for design techniques and innovations for multibeam antennas now employed in both applications world-wide.

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