Since the launch of the first three National Research Flagships in 2003, CSIRO has committed an increasing proportion of its resources to addressing major national challenges and opportunities through the National Research Flagships Program.

In 2011–12, CSIRO devoted 42 per cent of its resources to nine Flagships:

  • Climate adaptation
  • Energy transformed
  • Food futures
  • Future manufacturing
  • Minerals down under
  • Preventative health
  • Sustainable agriculture
  • Water for a healthy country
  • Wealth from oceans

The Flagships address complex challenges by forming large-scale multidisciplinary research partnerships with Australian Universities and publicly funded research institutions, the private sector and selected international organisations. They target clearly defined goals, framed from a careful analysis of the needs of people and enterprises, and have a strong focus on adoption and impact.

Please refer to Part two: Our performance of the 2011-12 CSIRO annual report in PDF or RTF format available in the Downloads section for the full program detail.

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