CSIRO’s outcome and program structure.

CSIRO receives approximately 57 per cent of its operating revenue in appropriation funding through the Federal Budget. Our commitment to the parliament and people of Australia, set out in the 2011–12 Portfolio Budget Statements, is to contribute to the following outcome:

Innovative scientific and technological solutions to national challenges and opportunities to benefit industry, the environment and the community through scientific research and capability development, services and advice.

In pursuit of this outcome in 2011–12, CSIRO allocated funds across five Programs listed below and as outlined in Table 2.2:

  • Program 1 – National Research Flagships
  • Program 2 – Core Research and Services
  • Program 3 – Science Outreach: Education and Scientific Publishing
  • Program 4 – National Research Infrastructure: National Facilities and Collections
  • Program 5 – Science and Industry Endowment Fund

These Programs reflect the Organisation’s focus on delivering scientific solutions to Australian industry and communities, while simultaneously helping to build Australia’s science base to meet ongoing challenges and opportunities.

The following sections provide a report against the deliverables and key performance indicators specified for each Program in the Portfolio Budget Statements.

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