Every year, everyone in CSIRO works hard, works passionately to contribute to our mission to deliver innovative solutions for industry, society and the environment.

This year was no exception, for at CSIRO... big ideas start here.


  • National Resource Sciences Precinct launched on 8 April 2014 – a precinct of national and global importance.
  • 1st image successfully captured by ASKAP at twice the speed of comparable telescopes.
  • Australia's next-generation Marine National Facility Investigator completed.
  • 2 billion downloads reached by Atlas of Living Australia.
  • 30 514 specimens from our National Biological Collections dispatched to aid research.
  • Delivery of the Pawsey Centre supercomputer, which is likely to become the most powerful in the Southern Hemisphere.

Science impact

  • 12-month immunity confirmed for Equivac® HeV – the world's first horse vaccine against the deadly Hendra virus.
  • 1st commercial vehicle installation of our UltraBattery, which is 70 per cent cheaper to make.
  • Third State of the Climate Report released with Bureau of Meteorology.
  • Our OptiCOOL technology now installed in around 1.4 million square metres of buildings (Australia and United States).
  • Broad spectrum sunscreen under development that mimics the natural sunscreen of coral.
  • New colorectal cancer test to launch nationally.

Engagement & connections

  • 8.6/10. Our customers rate us highly stating our client service, science excellence and quality of work.
  • We worked with 1200 Australian SMEs, 500 big Australian companies and 450 multinationals this year alone.
  • Our Education Centres shared science with 366 305 school students.
  • 20 per cent increase in our long-term partnerships.
  • 26 Researcher in Business partnerships. 100th project conducted in 2014.
  • We worked with 37 of the 39 Australian universities.
  • We remain the biggest participant in the CRC Program – we're currently active in 20.


  • Our citation rate places us in the top two amongst our global peers and 47 per cent better than the global average.
  • Network analysis shows CSIRO to be the most important institution in the country in the six fields in which we publish our most work.
  • 26 per cent of our patent portfolio is commercially licensed.
  • 30per cent of our 644 patent families are the result of collaborative activity – 64 per cent industry partners.
  • We're in the top 1per cent in 14 research fields globally.


  • 9694m3 diverted from landfill; that's 998 tonnes of carbon emissions saved.
  • 6 million air kilometres saved as part of our Carbon Emission Reduction Strategy.


  • 28 per cent reduction in staff injuries requiring time off work.
  • 4855 development days delivered through our learning and development curriculum – 18 per cent increase on last year.
  • 69 Indigenous employees – up 16 on last year.

These are just some of our achievements from 2013–14. Many more are provided throughout this report.

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