With over 50 locations our impact stretches across Australia and around the world.

Since 1926, we've sought to make a difference, to solve problems that matter to Australia and the world, and generate positive impact for today and tomorrow.

In 2013–14 we've continued this legacy. Here are just some examples of our international impacts.

North America

Licensed our lithium-ion battery electrolytes technology to accelerate its optimisation for energy storage solutions.


Established our first offshore legal entity, CSIRO Chile Research Foundation, to deliver solutions to the mining, equipment and services sectors.


World's first industrial-scale pilot plant for applying extrusion porosification technology. CSIRO lab in Montpellier, France.

South Asia

Providing technical advice and data to support regional water management in Pakistan.


Licensee produced 1000 tonnes of Novacq™ prawn feed for start of commercial prawn trials.


Helping Indonesia improve its biosecurity systems and together we're managing pelagic fisheries stocks shared by both countries.


Achieved first commercial vehicle installation of our UltraBattery – available in Honda's Odyssey.

South-East Asia

Helping develop new high-resolution climate projections for Vietnam's next update of national climate scenarios.


Our connections with international universities and research institutes link us to the 97 per cent of research that happens outside Australia.

We're also working in Africa, the Middle East, Latin America, South Korea, and the Pacific in areas such as agriculture, astronomy, climate variability, energy, fisheries, food, mining, oceanography, and water.

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