We’re Australia’s leading multidisciplinary research organisation, with more than 5000 talented people working out of 55 centres in Australia and internationally furthering our mission to deliver innovative solutions for industry, society and the environment.


  • 3D printed titanium heel bone successfully implanted in Australian patient’ (see Manufacturing Flagship)
  • Agreement signed between CSIRO and Beijing MCC Equipment R&D Corporation to scale up and demonstrate dry slag granulation technology in China. (see Mineral Resources Flagship)
  • Atlantis, rated one of the best ecosystem models in the world, rolled out to Europe, US and Guam. (see Oceans and Atmosphere Flagship)
  • GeoSLAM start-up has taken 3D laser mapping to the international market. (see CSIRO Services)
  • Penthrox, the green whistle pain relief, received initial regulatory approval for sale in Europe. (see Manufacturing Flagship)


RV Investigator on the ocean.

RV Investigator on its delivery voyage to Australia in August 2014. Investigator is a new state of the art blue-water research vessel, supporting Australia's atmospheric, oceanographic, biological and geoscience research the tropical north to the Antarctic edge.


  • Our customers rate us highly, 8.2 out of 10, stressing the calibre of our staff and the quality of our science. (see Strategy progress)
  • We worked with approximately 3000 customers including 500 major Australian companies, more than 1200 Australian SMEs. (Client and stakeholder engagement)
  • This year we had 1799 Scientists and Mathematicians in Schools (SMiS) partnerships in 1263 schools, including 30 per cent of partnerships in rural and regional schools. (see  CSIRO Services)
  • We supported 200 SMEs with information, connections and facilitation of research projects, with 52 Researcher in Business projects conducted. (see CSIRO Services)
  • In 2014 Australian and international universities were partners in about 75 per cent of CSIRO’s research publications. (see Joint research publications)
  • 30–40 per cent of our 578 patent families are the result of collaborative activity – 64 per cent industry partners.


  • Our research publications are 48 per cent more cited than the global average. (see Science Excellence)
  • CSIRO is the most central institution in the Australian publication network in the seven research fields in which we publish most of our work. (see Joint research publications)
  • We are in the top 1 per cent in 15 research fields globally. (see Joint research publications)


  • 10,521 m3 waste diverted from landfill, equating to 994 tonnes of carbon emissions saved. (see Health and safety)
  • Reduction in air travel of 22 million air kilometres compared with 2013–14, a 19.5 per cent per cent decrease. (see Health and safety)


  • 4983 development days delivered through our learning and development curriculum. (see Our people)
  • 63 Indigenous employees, a three-fold increase from 20 over the strategy period 2011–15. (see Our people)
  • 17 per cent reduction in musculoskeletal staff injuries requiring time off work. (see Health and safety)

These are just some of our achievements from 2014–15. Many more are provided throughout this report.

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