A high-level summary of how we monitor our performance.

CSIRO continues to play an important role in Australia’s National Innovation System. Consistent with our responsibilities outlined in the Science and Industry Research Act 1949, we aim to deliver innovative solutions for industry, society and the environment, and to see our science used to make a positive impact for the future of Australia and humanity.

Our capability and expertise in conducting large-scale, multidisciplinary, mission-directed research is unique. We are a leader in addressing major challenges that matter to Australia’s future, including the complex interactions of human activity with the natural and built environments.

Fundamental to this outcome is our focus on:

  • connecting and collaborating across the innovation system to help Australia gain access to global knowledge
  • managing research capabilities and facilities that are critical for the nation to utilise opportunities and respond to challenges
  • promoting and supporting the science sector by supervising undergraduate and postgraduate students, conducting science education programs for school students and teachers and raising community awareness of our activities and science
  • acting as a trusted advisor to the nation.

The activities and achievements outlined in this section of our annual report provide evidence of our performance against our Operational Plan 2014–151 and the Portfolio Budget Statements 2014–152. In addition to this report to Parliament, we also monitor our performance throughout the year by providing:

  • regular reports to the CSIRO Executive Team and Board to assist with their decision-making and governance responsibilities
  • detailed planning and review processes operating at a range of levels, including Flagships, functional areas and individuals.

>250,000 people engaged with our education programs or publications.
Top 0.1% globally in 4 research fields, top 1% for 15 other fields.
We supported 200 SMEs.
$31M increase in IP revenue.
578 patent families, 313 trade mark families, 114 different plant breeder’s rights.
52% of publications with international co-authors.

Financial performance

In 2014–15, CSIRO delivered a deficit from ongoing operations of $14.5 million. Total revenue of $1,230.8 million included appropriation from government of $745.3 million and $485.5 million in revenue generated from other sources.

Revenue source 201011 201112 201213 2013–14 2014–15
Co-investment, consulting and services
Australian private sector 65 74.2 70.1 78.5 69.4
Australian Governments 202.7 201.8 190.3 179.3 181.1
Rural Industry R&D corporations 37.7 35 38.4 50.2 38.1
Cooperative Research Centres 32.3 30 16.9 14.7 9.5
Overseas entities and international 74.5 77.5 84.3 84.7 81.4
Work in progress/deferred revenue 5.9 -7.6 25.1 -13 -6.1
Total co-investment, consulting and services 418.1 410.9 425.1 394.4 373.4
IP – royalty and licence revenues 29.2 278.5 37.5 29.1 60.8
Total research and services revenue 447.3 689.4 462.6 423.5 434.2
Other external revenue 47.9 61.3 44.1 43.2 44.6
Gain/(loss) on sale of assets 4.9 0.4 0 - -
Other fair value gains and reversals 0.1 - 5.5 - 6.7
Total external revenue 500.2 751.1 512.2 466.7 485.5
Revenue from government 720.4 724.9 733.8 778.2 745.3
Total revenue 1,220.6 1,476.0 1,246.0 1,244.9 1,230.8
Less expenses 1,231.1 1,275.5 1,267.5 1,270.6 1,245.3
Operating result -10.5 200.5 -21.5 -25.7 -14.5

Note, the 2014–15 total expenses of $1,245.3m includes CSIRO’s share of the net operating deficit ($0.3m) of joint venture accounted for using the equity method.

  1. CSIRO’s Operational Plan.
  2. CSIRO’s Portfolio Budget Statement is available at the Department of Industry, Innovation and Science .

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