We seek to solve problems that matter to Australia and the world, and generate positive impact for today and tomorrow. Here are some examples of our international impacts.

North America

Joint Publications 868 | Memorandum of Understanding 20

We began joint spacecraft-tracking projects with NASA in 1962, and we now manage one of the three tracking stations around the world that make up NASA’s Deep Space Network. In July 2015, this was the prime tracking station for the closest encounter between the New Horizons spacecraft and Pluto, taking detailed measurements and images of the dwarf planet and its moons for the first time.


Joint Publications 185 | Memorandum of Understanding 3

Our Africa Food Security Initiative has brought technical bioscience know-how to private sector millers in Kenya, allowing them to introduce Kenya’s first aflatoxin-free maize, reaching about 10 million consumers across Kenya in 2016.

Latin America

Joint Publications 157 | Memorandum of Understanding 5

CSIRO Chile signed a collaboration agreement with Minnovex, a trading association of mining service provider companies, to boost technological development in Chile.


Joint Publications 1,051 | Memorandum of Understanding 20

CSIRO, with Australian and European partners, celebrated the completion of the €8.7 million AU2EU project. The project successfully developed and demonstrated the world’s first truly integrated authentication and authorisation framework, which enables trusted, secure collaborations across organisational boundaries and governmental jurisdictions.

South Asia

Joint Publications 118 | Memorandum of Understanding 9

CSIRO has been working closely with the Bangladesh Council of Scientific and Industrial Research (BCSIR), on a number of opportunities to develop new industries in Bangladesh, including mineral sands, e-waste recycling and solar energy. In August 2015, CSIRO and BCSIR signed an MOU to support this collaboration.

East Asia

Joint Publications 634 | Memorandum of Understanding 55

CSIRO developed and demonstrated an industrial-scale, smart iron blast furnace technology known as dry slag granulation. By signing an agreement on this research with Beijing Equipment Research and Design Corporation in 2015, we opened the way for savings in water, energy and greenhouse gas emissions. We are also very proud to have celebrated the 40th anniversary of our deep collaboration and connection with the Chinese Academy of Sciences.


Joint Publications 161 | Memorandum of Understanding 7

CSIRO and Australian partners have delivered an Australian Aid program called Enhancing Pacific Ocean Governance. With regional partners, we have provided national- and regional-level information systems, training and scientific support. This support is being used to develop local marine spatial planning, and inform international negotiating strategies for the Pacific countries and the Australian government in the current United Nations negotiations on managing biodiversity in areas beyond national jurisdiction.

South-East Asia

Joint Publications 159 | Memorandum of Understanding 10

We have improved market access and livelihoods for hundreds of Indonesian farmers in 2015–16 through work within our Applied Research and Innovation System in Agriculture (ARISA) program in Indonesia. The program has involved Indonesian farmers in projects using agricultural innovation.

A full list of CSIRO locations is available in Appendix 5.

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