We are Australia’s national science agency, solving our greatest challenges through innovative science and technology.

Our research now makes it possible to produce oil in the leaves and stems of plants as well as the seeds, which promises to be a game changer in the global production of renewable oils.

Uniquely positioned to tackle such challenges, CSIRO is home to over 5,500 of the world’s brightest minds networked across a comprehensive research portfolio. We collaborate closely with industry, government and the extended research community to drive innovation that leaves a lasting legacy for our nation.

Our research improves the health and wellbeing of our communities; transforms our industries to successfully compete in a global marketplace; and accelerates international understanding of our diverse natural environments to sustain them for generations to come.

Our world-class research is bolstered by state-of-the-art national research facilities and collections, shared by the whole national innovation system and international researchers, and increasingly by the public. This specialist technology and infrastructure allows us to explore the furthest reaches of the universe and the unimaginable depths of the oceans. Our expansive biological collections provide critical data for global biodiversity knowledge.

We are not only tackling today’s challenges but preparing for tomorrow. We partner with schools and universities to grow our national pipeline of science, technology, engineering and mathematics professionals. By strengthening our talent pipeline, we are securing our future as a global force in tackling our greatest challenges.

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