Our mission-directed research and development provide solutions to our greatest challenges through Business Units focused on eight core areas of research.

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We also prepare for our nation’s unfolding needs, generating insights and identifying opportunities, through our eight Future Science Platforms.

We manage Australia’s state-of-the-art infrastructure and biological collections on behalf of the nation. And our services develop national science talent through education, engage Australia’s critical community of small and medium enterprises, and produce science and technology publications through CSIRO Publishing.

Mission directed research and development

Agriculture and Food
Improving productivity, profitability and sustainability

Solving Australia’s largest data-driven challenges

Delivering a low emissions energy future

Health and Biosecurity
Understanding human, animal and environmental health and biosecurity

Land and Water
Addressing environmental, and land and water management challenges 

Innovative industry-driven manufacturing solutions

Mineral Resources
Mineral resource discovery and efficient development

Oceans and Atmosphere
Safeguarding our marine and atmospheric environments

Future Science Platforms

  • Active Integrated Matter
    Creating Industry 5.0
  • Deep Earth Imaging
    Unlocking our resource potential
  • Digiscape
    Digital solutions for the land
  • Environomics
    Environmental genomics to care for biodiversity
  • Hydrogen Energy Systems
    Next generation energy industry
  • Precision Health
    Integrated and tailored health solutions
  • Probing Biosystems
    Innovative medical devices and diagnostic technologies
  • Synthetic Biology
    Artificial engineering of biological systems

Managing national research infrastructure

Digital National Facilities and Collections

  • Astronomy and Space Science
    Understanding the universe
  • Australian Animal Health Laboratory
    Protecting Australia
  • National Research Collections Australia
    Securing our biodiversity future
  • Marine National Facility
    Supporting, enabling and inspiring marine science
  • National computing infrastructure
    High performance innovation

Developing national science talent

CSIRO Services
Education, SME Engagement, Infrastructure Technologies, Publishing and Futures

Enterprise Support Services
Professional, relevant advice and assistance

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