CSIRO is committed to the safety and wellbeing of our people and has embraced a learning culture to continually improve how we manage safety and wellbeing.

This year, we launched a safety cultural change program to improve personal ownership of safety. HS-Me Day was held on 16 May across all our sites globally – at home, in the field, laboratory or office. Activities fell into three streams: conversations about how to ensure our future safety; practical clean up or hands-on safety management activities; and ‘flourishing communities and individuals’, which focused on mental health and wellbeing. All sites recorded good uptake of the concept and reported positively on the way people were encouraged to make health and safety their own responsibility.

Our site-based hands-on safety management activities aimed to empower site leaders, teams and individuals to tailor programs to be relevant for each site and to highlight organisational initiatives that could make all staff safer in the future.

For the Lindfield site this meant:

supporting lab custodians in their roles. We used it to boost the visibility and importance of the role and gave lab custodians permission to direct their teams in lab-based activity they thought were a priority.’

Our Site Leader at the Queensland Centre for Advanced Technologies said that:

‘based on feedback from staff, the HS-Me Day was ... relevant, unifying and motivating.’

Other sites undertook marine safety demonstrations, gas line checks, fire extinguisher training, electronic waste clear outs, workstation ergonomic assessments, first aid training, legacy chemical disposals and much more, with hundreds of safety initiatives completed on the day.

Overall, 73 per cent of respondents indicated that participating in HS-Me Day activities improved their awareness of their personal responsibility for HSE. Furthermore, 80 per cent of respondents would recommend this format of events again to help focus attention on health and safety. The results indicate that the day was engaging and spoke to the importance of our staff wellbeing.

Two strong themes emerged: the importance of social interactions and building caring communities at work, and empowering individuals to access timely and relevant support, especially mental health resources. These themes will inform our future HSE work. For details on our HSE performance, see page 76-83.

On HS-Me Day, Brett Roddy from Services demonstrates how a piece of equipment in North Ryde’s fire testing facility works.

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