The index below shows compliance with information requirements contained in section 46 of the Public Governance and Accountability Act 2013 (PGPA Act), Public Governance, Performance and Accountability Rule 2014 and the Science and Industry Research Act 1949 (SIR Act).

This annual report complies with parliamentary standards of presentation and printing, and uses plain English and clear design.

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Public Governance, Performance and Accountability Act 2013

The accountable authority of the entity must prepare and give an annual report to the entity’s responsible Minister, for presentation to the Parliament, on the entity’s activities during the period, by 15 October; or the end of any further period granted under subsection34C(5) of the Acts Interpretation Act 1901. The annual report must comply with any requirements prescribed by the PGPA Rule.

Section 46


Includes a copy of the annual performance statements in the entity’s annual report that is tabled in the Parliament.

The annual performance statements must:

  1. provide information about the entity’s performance in achieving itspurposes
  2. comply with any requirements prescribed by the rules.

Section 39 (1) and(2)


Includes a copy of the annual financial statements and the Auditor-General’s report must be included in the Commonwealth entity’s annual report that is tabled in the Parliament.

The annual financial statements and the audit report must comply, and must state whether, in the accountable authority’s and the Auditor-General’s opinion respectively, whether, they:

  1. comply with the accounting standards and any other requirementsprescribed by the rules
  2. present fairly the entity’s financial position, financial performanceand cash flows.

If the financial statements do not comply, the accountable authority of the entity must add the information and explanations required to present fairly those matters.

Similarly, for the audit report, the Auditor-General must state the reasons, quantify the financial effect and state the amount if possible.

Section 42(1)(b) and43(4)


Public Governance, Performance and Accountability Rule 2016

The annual report must be approved and signed by the accountable authority and include details of how and when approval was given. It must state that the accountable authority is responsible for preparing and delivering the annual report in accordance with the section 46 of the PGPA Act.

Section 17BB


The annual report complies with the guidelines for presenting documents to the Parliament

Section 17BC


The annual report uses plain English and clear design.

Section 17BD


The annual report must specify the entity’s enabling legislation, including a summary of the entity’s objects and functions and the purposes of the entity as included in the entity’s corporate plan.

Section 17BE (a)-(b)


The responsible Minister is specified.

Section 17BE (c)


The annual report provides details of:

  • any direction issued by any Minister under an Act or instrument during the period
  • any government policy orders that applied to the entity under section 22 of the PGPA Act
  • particulars of non-compliance with any of the above directions ororders.

Section 17BE (d)-(f)


The annual report must include the annual performance statements for the entity for the period in accordance with paragraph 39(1)(b) of the Act and section 16F of this rule.

If such a statement is included, the annual report must include an outline of the action that has been taken to remedy non-compliance.

Section 17BE (g)


The annual report must include a statement of any significant issue reported to the responsible Minister under paragraph19(1)(e) of the Act that relates to non-compliance with the finance law in relation to theentity.

Section 17BE (h)-(i)


Information about directors is provided, including names, qualifications, experience, attendance at Board meetings and whether the director is an executive or non-executive member.

Section 17BE (j)


The annual report provides an outline of:

  • the organisational structure (including subsidiaries)
  • the location of major activities and facilities and provides a statement on governance practices, including details on
    • board committees and their responsibilities
    • education and performance review processes for directors
    • ethics and risk management policies.

Section 17BE (k)-(m)




The annual report discloses the decision-making process undertaken by the Board in relation to transactions with other Commonwealth entities or companies, or if the transaction is more than $10,000 (inclusiveofGST).

  • If the annual report includes any of the above information:
  • if there is only one transaction—the value of the transaction must beincluded; and
  • if there is more than one transaction—the number of transactions and the aggregate value of the transactions must be included.

Section 17BE (n)-(o)


The annual report details any key activities and changes that affected the operations or structure

Section 17BE (p)

ii, 76, 86-87

The annual report includes particulars of:

  • judicial reviews and decisions of tribunals that have had or may have a significant effect on its operations
  • reports about the authority made by the Auditor-General (other than one made under section 43 of the PGPA Act), a Parliamentary committee, the Commonwealth Ombudsman, or the Office of the Australian Information Commissioner.

Section 17BE (q)-(r)


The annual report includes an explanation if information is missing from a subsidiary that is required to be included in the annual report and states the effect of not having the information in the annualreport.

Section 17BE (s)


The annual report includes details of any indemnity that applied during the period given to an officer against a liability, including premiums paid, or agreed to be paid, for insurance against the officer’s liability forlegal costs.

Section 17BE (t)


The annual report provides an index of annual report requirements identifyingwhere relevant information can be found in the annualreport.

Section 17BE (u)


Science and Industry Research Act 1949

Policies relating to scientific research

Act No. 84, Section46, 51 (2a)


Development in policies during the year

Act No. 84, Section46, 51 (2b)


Ministerial determinations in relation to the functions of the Organisation

Act No. 84, Section46, 51 (2c)


Ministerial directions or guidelines relating to the functions and powers of the Board

Act No. 84, Section46, 51 (2d)


Policies of Australian Government that apply to CSIRO

Act No. 84, Section46, 51 (2e)


Other reporting requirements

Environment Protection and Biodiversity Conservation Act 1999

Section 516A(6)


Equal Employment Opportunity (Commonwealth Authorities) Act 1997

Section 9

14-17, 73-74

Work Health and Safety Act 2011

Section 4(1)


Privacy Act 1988


Freedom of Information Act 1982


Public Interest Disclosure Act 2013


Fraud Control


Intellectual property management


Service Charter


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