CSIRO's research and engagement activities were independently reviewed in 2014 by ACIL Allen and are presented here.

ACIL Allen were commissioned by CSIRO to undertake an independent review of the economic, social and environmental impact and value of CSIRO.  The review assessed the impact and quantified the value of six case studies, examined areas of Flagship and Core Program activity not covered by the case studies, and also recognised a number of other elements of CSIRO’s portfolio – such as the value of its ‘standing capabilities’.

The report focuses on the current CSIRO strategy period (2011-2015).  However, it takes into account the fact that the value and impact of CSIRO’s activities across this period have drawn heavily on earlier work and capability established before 2011.  Similarly, many of the impacts identified can be expected to occur beyond 2015.

The review was undertaken between August and December 2014, and concluded that the whole of CSIRO portfolio is delivering an expected return that supports an expected benefit-cost ratio of at least 5:1.

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