CSIRO’s Governance Policy explains what CSIRO must do ensure that we fulfil our purpose effectively and accountably.

CSIRO is committed to conducting the affairs of the organisation with integrity and in the national interest consistent with the functions of CSIRO as set out in the Science and Industry Research Act 1947 (SIR Act) , the Public Governance, Performance and Accountability Act 2013 (PGPA Act) and other relevant legislation.

CSIRO recognises that within these legislative boundaries there is a need to maintain an operating model that supports individual creativity and flexibility and allows people to readily work together and across boundaries.

The CSIRO operating model aims to ensure that all staff clearly understand their roles and responsibilities and those of others in the organisation, as well as the organisation's key policies so that they can interact more effectively with external clients and partners.

Staff members are encouraged to exercise their judgement in fulfilling their duties and to act responsibly within the direction and policies articulated by the organisation. This autonomy is an important source of organisational strength, as all staff members have a continuing responsibility to be personally and professionally accountable for their decisions and actions.

All CSIRO staff members are expected to act in good faith and in the best interests of CSIRO, act with care and diligence, comply with CSIRO's Code of Conduct, and avoid any real or apparent conflicts of interest.

Staff in management roles are expected to lead by example and establish practices which achieve the aims of CSIRO and ensure compliance with the organisation's standards.

CSIRO is committed to develop, implement and maintain governance arrangements to ensure we:

  • fulfil the functions of the organisation and the expectations of the Australian Government;
  • comply with legislation and Government policy;
  • conduct our activities in a manner that reflects our values and builds our reputation as a valued and trusted partner;
  • provide effective leadership and articulate clear roles and responsibilities; 
  • instil proper accountability for our actions and behaviours;
  • maintain the integrity of our scientific research and commercial, financial and other practices;
  • facilitate well informed, transparent and responsible decision making;
  • effectively deploy and manage resources to deliver planned outcomes;
  • operate efficient and effective scientific and research support processes and systems; and 
  • systematically and regularly evaluate, measure and review performance.

Responsible governance will enable us to deliver on our commitments and to always act in Australia's long term interest.

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