CSIRO's risk policy is our commitment to identifying and managing risks in order to increase organisational effectiveness and to provide certainty and confidence to stakeholders.

CSIRO is committed to the effective management of risks.

The identification and management of risk is central to delivering the functions of CSIRO and benefits to Australia.

This includes understanding scientific, financial, commercial and legal, health & safety, environmental, and reputational risks.

Effective management of risk is vital to successfully capturing the opportunities created through scientific research and delivering on our purpose as an organisation.

Effective and appropriate risk management practices should be designed to assist CSIRO staff to achieve the organisation's objectives, and to contribute to the continuous improvement of the organisation.

Risks faced by CSIRO should be managed on an enterprise basis. The management of risk is the responsibility of all managers and staff.

We will maintain a consistent framework for identifying, assessing, ranking and managing risks and capturing opportunities.

Risk controls will be put in place to manage these risks to an acceptable level. These controls will be regularly reviewed for their effectiveness and improved where necessary.

Risk management performance will be monitored, evaluated and reported.

By actively identifying and managing risks we aim to increase our effectiveness as an organisation and provide greater certainty and confidence for the Government, staff members, collaborators, partners, and other stakeholders in the community about CSIRO's operations.

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