CSIRO delivers innovative solutions for industry, society and the environment through great science, our science policy outlines the way we achieve impact.

CSIRO is committed to conducting world class scientific and industrial research consistent with its roles and functions as outlined in the Science and Industry Research Act 1949.

We prepare for Australia's long term needs and respond with agility to today's national imperatives.

We focus on the most pressing challenges and opportunities facing Australia, leveraging scale and extensive cross-organisational capability to deliver deep science and innovative solutions for the economy, society and the environment.

In pursuit of these objectives we build strong and enduring national and international partnerships with government, industry, academic and community stakeholders to enhance Australia's capability, capacity and flexibility to deliver impact.

We are recognised for our ability to manage major national facilities and collections for Australia's research community and beyond.

We are an impartial, authoritative and respected source of independent science based information for the community and government. Our science education and outreach programs bringing a sense of excitement and inspiration to Australia's youth.

We are committed to developing, implementing and maintaining practices to ensure we:

  • Prioritise our research investments on the most important areas of national interest;
  • Are creative and innovative in the conduct of science and technology, and effective in its transfer to adoption and impact for the long term interest of Australia;
  • Apply high standards for the responsible conduct of scientific research;
  • Maintain our reputation for integrity and scientific impartiality and independence;
  • Publish quality scientific information based on robust peer review, in papers, reports and otherwise;
  • Provide independent, expert, technical advice to government and community as appropriate to inform relevant policy processes and program activities;
  • Build and maintain high-quality research infrastructure, including national scientific facilities, collections, and major national and international data repositories and enable access to such facilities on an appropriate basis;
  • Engage actively and constructively with appropriate research and technology transfer clients, partners and potential users of our scientific research and other services;
  • Choose and scope project outcomes consistent with our strategy and manage research in a manner which encourages collaboration and delivers projects on time, on budget and on specification;
  • Value and manage relationships nationally and internationally with government, industry, research organisations and universities, and the end users of research;
  • Respect the intellectual property rights of others and use intellectual property rights strategically to achieve our purpose; and
  • Agree commercial terms with clients and partners consistent with enterprise strategy and the nature of transaction.

Our staff will conduct and apply their research with honesty and integrity, and with respect for human research participants, animals and the environment.

Our success will be measured by the lasting benefits delivered to Australia and the world.

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