We endeavour to meet the pace of evolving digital technologies as we invest in cyber system and technology improvements.

The petascale supercomputer Magnus, hosts high-end supercomputing projects across the entire range of scientific fields supported by the Pawsey Supercomputing Centre.

Current capability

Digitally supporting our delivery of science

We have a strong focus on ensuring staff and collaborators have seamless access to ICT tools, systems, data and information to support the delivery of world class science. The organisation delivers secure information and technology solutions through partnerships with our customer facing Business Units and national and international research partners. The focus is on making access to our services and information easy, while supporting the criticality of our science data and assured workflows.

Capability for the future

Information Management and Technology strategy

The Information Management and Technology strategy to support the organisation is being driven by the constantly evolving business information and technology industries. There is a clear need to keep pace by providing an effective technology response, enabling us to achieve our purpose. The strategy in the next four years is built on five programs:

  • Enhance the Science Agenda – provide platforms and capability to accelerate research outcomes and support the demonstration of research impact.
  • Support Business Processes – deliver integrated and streamlined business and information systems including analysis capability.
  • Maximise the value of our information assets – enable greater discoverability, access and reuse of data and information compliant with legislation and regulation.
  • Transform Service Delivery – pivot IMT towards customer-centric solutions and reduce effort for CSIRO staff to access services.
  • Embed Security into all IMT services – protect CSIRO’s information and reputation through appropriate security controls.

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