Our detailed performance information links our daily activities to the specific outcomes we plan to achieve.

Our performance information details what we expect to achieve in the next four years and the associated key performance indicators. The information provides Parliament and the public with a clear line of sight between our daily activities and specific outcomes, and an understanding amongst our leadership teams and staff of  how their activities contribute to delivering benefits to the nation.

Our performance measures are presented below in Table 5. A comprehensive list of performance measures and targets for 2018-19 and subsequent years are mapped against our PBS programs.

We are currently undertaking a comprehensive review of all our performance measures. They will be reviewed and refined, if necessary, to better align our purpose, corporate plan and the PBS. The result of this process will be presented in the 2019-20 Corporate Plan.

We provide regular progress updates against each measure to our Executive Team and the  Board. Results of our performance will also be made available in our 2018-19 Annual Report, accessed via www.csiro.au.

Table 5: CSIRO PBS and enterprise performance KPIs
Purposes Key performance indicators
1. Conduct, and encourage the uptake of, world-class scientific research
  • Demonstrate triple-bottom line impacts through:

āœ” Assessment of the quality of impact from independent Business Unit Reviews
āœ” An external ‘Value of CSIRO Impact Assessment’ every two years
āœ” Externally validated impact case studies

  • Customer satisfaction
  • Public perception of CSIRO
  • Feedback received from universities involved in the ON program
  • Normalised citation rate relative to global average performance
  • Strategic innovation investment (including future science platforms and central competitive funds)
  • Evidence of triple-bottom line impacts from global activities, with demonstrated benefits to Australia
  • Establishing new, significant and strategic level MOUs
  • Pipeline of investable propositions from the CSIRO Innovation Fund 1, LP from publically funded research institutions
  • Evidence of outcomes and impacts of SIEF funded projects
  • Proportion of SIEF research projects involving more than one organisation
  • Utilisation of the SIEF funded research infrastructure
  • Technologies receiving ongoing commercialisation support from venture capital or industry sources after one year of completing the SIEF Experimental Development Program
  • Number of projects where additional SIEF STEM+ Business Fellowships are spent on research between the company and the STEM+ Fellow’s host research team or with others
2. Mobilise and develop the best talent, for the benefit of Australia
  • Utilisation of science outreach programs
  • Innovation hubs established by the ON program to facilitate partnering activity
3. Manage research infrastructure on behalf of the nation
  • Utilisation of research infrastructure and collections (use of facilities and collections as measured through: successful observations, time lost during observations and operations, core-hour use, outward loans and successful research days delivered)
  • Maintenance and operation of the research infrastructure to appropriate standards
Overarching Function: Be a healthy and sustainable organisation
  • Females shortlisted for leaders
  • Staff engagement
  • Staff morale
  • Regulatory reportable Comcare incidents
  • HSE audits and reviews completed on time
  • Meet or exceed bottom line budget operating result

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