Linking our purpose to the Science and Industry Research Act functions

Our strategic approach recognises that CSIRO's functions are set under the Science and Industry Research Act 1949 (SIR Act). Our purpose is closely aligned to the key SIR Act functions, guiding the outcomes we want to achieve in the next four years.

Fulfilling our functions under the Science and Industry Research Act 1949
Purpose SIR Act functions Description
Conduct, and encourage the uptake of, world-class scientific research

Provide and facilitate uptake of excellent scientific and technology solutions to deliver impact to the nation. Provide scientific solutions, information and trusted advice to industry and government with a focus on identifying pathways for adoption.
Connect to global science, technology and innovation to access new opportunities for Australian innovation. Provide international programs and activities which support CSIRO effectively, acting as a means of liaison between Australia and other countries in matters connected with scientific research.
Manage funding for industrial scientific research activities and assist industry through research collaboration and capacity building.
Manage strategic investments in cutting edge research and technologies and enable their adoption or translation into commercial opportunities, while also promoting collaborations with industry partners and building innovation capacity.
Mobilise and develop the best talent, for the benefit of Australia
Promote Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) capability development and education.
Build, grow, connect and deliver accessible, world class scientific and research capability.
Manage research infrastructure on behalf of the nation Ensure utilisation of national facilities and collections. Host National Research Infrastructure and the Australian National Research Collections on behalf of the scientific community to assist with the delivery of research.
Overarching Function Be a healthy and sustainable organisation. Enable and support our people to be creative and take risks, providing a safe and balance workplace, and enhancing our capacity to be agile and sustainable.

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