Connecting the world’s best researchers with industry and government to tackle the most complex challenges facing the resources industry.

About the National Resource Sciences Precinct

The National Resource Sciences Precinct (NRSP) is a CSIRO, Curtin University and The University of Western Australia collaboration connecting the world’s best researchers with industry and government to tackle some of the most complex challenges facing the resources industry.

The NRSP makes life easier for industry by acting as a portal through which companies can readily connect with world-leading expertise and gain access to facilities to address their needs. It is supported by millions of dollars' worth of advanced resources-oriented research infrastructure.

Why create a resources precinct in Perth?

This pooling of expertise centred in Perth, Western Australia, capitalises on the concentration of multinational resource companies located in this recognised mining hub, as well as leading research capabilities. The location is also well-situated for increased engagement with the growing Asian market.

Attracting the best researchers

As a hub for resource sciences, the NRSP is an attractive and ideal destination for the world's best scientists to lead research on global resource industry challenges.

Working with leading facilities on major projects and with unsurpassed expertise means that the current and next generation of scientists will thrive and develop innovative solutions for some of Australia’s most important industries. 

Major projects at the natural resources precinct

This new collaborative approach will see an increase in large-scale research infrastructure projects developed in Perth and around Australia while reducing duplication of expenditure and effort for resource science initiatives.

The foundation research partners have already secured funding for a multi-million dollar advanced mineral characterisation facility dedicated to addressing fundamental science questions related to the resources sector and to support exploration capability.

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