We manage the heritage values of our land and building portfolio in accordance with the requirements of the Environmental Protection and Biodiversity Conservation Act 1999 (EPBC Act). This includes the identification, conservation and protection of assets with heritage values.

We have prepared a Heritage Strategy for CSIRO Land and Buildings (2016 - 2026) that outlines our objectives and responsibilities for the management of heritage values.

Gungahlin homestead c1890

The Strategy, which will be reviewed every three years, describes the processes and timeframes for assessing heritage values across the property portfolio and developing Heritage Management Plans in order to preserve those values.

As an integral part of the history of science in Australia, we recognise it is important to protect places with heritage values in our control.

For more information on Commonwealth Heritage Management, our Heritage Strategy or our Land and Building assets with heritage values, please see:

If you require an alternative version of the documents or wish to discuss aspects of CSIRO heritage further, please contact the following:

Andrew Tracy
Property Services Manager - Business & Infrastructure Services

Phone +61 2 6246 5662

Irene Ford
Manager - Property Administration - Business & Infrastructure Services

Phone +61 2 6276 6488

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