Discover the benefits of working at CSIRO where our people are at the centre of everything we do. We offer exciting and stimulating work environments with challenging projects, excellent career development, travel opportunities and access to the latest research and state-of-the-art technology.

We offer you the prospect of developing an exciting and successful career. By promoting creativity and innovation, and investing in ongoing professional development, we aim to provide a positive environment which will contribute to the success of our people.

Our employees work and collaborate with some of Australia's brightest and innovative minds in a dynamic research environment. They have the opportunity to partner with, or be mentored by, international leaders in their field.

[Music plays and images shows CSIRO staff staring at a screen]

Male: One of the things I like about working at the CSIRO is that it gives us an opportunity to explore our research questions in a way that has impact with society.

[Image changes to show a male standing and looking at a cityscape off in the distance]

The way this happens is our industry presents us with a real world context in which we can explore our research area.

[Image changes to show Nick, Oceanographer, standing and looking at a CSIRO ship]

Nick: I’ve had some amazing opportunities, and done some pretty incredible field work in some of the most remote, isolated and inhospitable places in the world – it’s been pretty cool.

[Image changes to show Nick in a laboratory type setting]

But the work we do has a lot of relevance to everyday life and we are, I guess, providing information and trying to solve some of the biggest environmental problems that are facing,

[Image changes to show Matt, Chemist]

not just Australia, but the world in general.

[Image changes to show Mibu, Marine Ecologist]

[Image changes to show Jane, Research Dietician]

Jane: CSIRO has been a great place for me to work, especially as a woman because I’ve had three children, so therefore, three lots of maternity leave and my managers have always been incredibly supportive.

[Image changes to show Jane and a colleague in a laboratory type setting]

They’ve encouraged me not to coast along with my science career, but to try and keep pushing that along at the same time as being a mum.

[Image changes to show Vivek, Futures Consultant]

Vivek: I guess the beauty of being at CSIRO is that I can pick up the phone and talk to an expert

[Image changes to show Samaneh, Telecommunications Engineer, answering a telephone]

in almost any field, and find out the answer to whatever question I have then in my mind. I’ve started to understand what science can and can’t do and I’ve seen unlimited amounts of opportunities that can be created with the work that we do here, and it’s pretty fun.

[Image changes to show CSIRO colleagues standing and talking together]

[Text appears on screen: We collaborate to innovate: 3D Printing Bones, Total Wellbeing Diet, Plastic Banknotes, Hendra Vaccine, WI-FI]

[New text appears on screen: 5000+ experts. 1850+ patents. 150+ spinouts]

[New text appears on screen: Change the world. CSIRO logo appears in the middle of screen with text below]

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By bringing together highly talented people in a creative, collaborative environment, we're able to consistently deliver leading-edge solutions to global problems. It is not enough just to have a great idea; we must have impact, solve problems and make a difference. We take a triple bottom line focus in our activities, balancing between commerce, our natural environment, and the public good. Great science is our foundation. Getting it out there is our aim.

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