We believe that everyone should have equal and easy access to training and development opportunities and fair working conditions to ensure they make the most of their talents and abilities.

We actively promote ongoing training and other development opportunities to our staff. Through these initiatives, we aim to enhance job satisfaction and performance, and assist in the preparation for new roles or changes in career direction.

Annual Performance Agreements (APAs)

To assist staff in achieving their full potential, all employees complete an Annual Performance Agreement (APA) with their manager. APAs promote open communication and honest feedback, setting and assessing objectives, and supporting the development of knowledge and skills needed to achieve each staff member's desired outcomes.

We provide all members of staff the opportunity to participate in at least five development days each year. This learning can be accessed through work experience, networking, coaching, mentoring, or through participation in formal programs.

Career Management Portfolio (CMP)

The development of a personal CMP provides staff with the means to actively plan and manage the progression of their own career. The CMP offers information and practical assistance via the use of on-line tools, personal development strategies and discussion planners to assist in the development of a successful career plan.

It is supported by the broad range of learning and development opportunities offered across CSIRO.

Leadership and learning

Our success depends on the knowledge, skills, attitudes and behaviours of its people. Continual learning at the individual, team and organisational level is strongly encouraged and actively supported by our leaders, and is a critical factor in maintaining our scientific and technical excellence.

Managers work closely with their staff to identify opportunities which will enhance their skills and help maintain an awareness of current developments and issues in their respective fields. This is achieved through on-the-job training, course participation and representation of CSIRO at national and international conferences.


Our research community recognises the value of mentoring as an effective way to learn, network and share information. Our organisation encourages both formal and informal mentoring schemes in an effort to satisfy our key collaboration goals.

National Orientation Program

Our new starters are required to participate in a National Orientation Program which introduces them to the world of CSIRO from a broad perspective. Participants gain valuable insights through meeting and interacting with key managers and staff from various research and support functions across CSIRO.

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