With our generous leave entitlements, flexible working conditions and competitive salaries, we aim to provide the most supportive environment in which to amplify our talent.


Our staff members must average 73 hours and 30 minutes of duty each pay fortnight (two weeks). Part-time staff members must average the hours of duty agreed to on appointment.

Flexible working hours (flex time)

We have a scheme of flexible working hours for staff up to a particular salary level, which recognises the need to balance work and personal life commitments. This is achieved by allowing time off to be granted where staff members have accumulated more than the required average work hours over a period of time. Managers will take into account current work demands when making decisions on flex leave requests.

Code of conduct

Our Code of Conduct sets out standards of behaviour expected of employees in their day-to-day work.

The four main principles are:

  • It is expected that staff perform their duties with professionalism and integrity, and work efficiently to enable us to meet our research and corporate goals;
  • Fairness, honesty, equity and all legal requirements are to be observed in the conduct of official duties and during interactions with clients and members of the public;
  • Real or apparent conflicts of interest are to be avoided; and
  • There is to be adequate protection of intellectual property and confidential information and strict observance of business and commercial protocols, while you are an employee and after you leave the organisation.

CSIRO child care

We recognise that many employees have family responsibilities. We have on-site child care facilities at three major sites:

  • Black Mountain, Australian Capital Territory
  • Clayton, Victoria
  • North Ryde, New South Wales.

CSIROCARE Centres are provided principally for care of the children of our staff members.


We offer comprehensive leave conditions, including recreation leave, sick and carer's leave, miscellaneous leave, maternity and parental leave and long service leave. In special circumstances, leave without pay is also available to staff members.

Recreation leave

Full-time employees accrue recreation leave of up to twenty working days per annum. Part-time employees accrue recreation leave on a pro-rata basis relative to their standard hours of duty.

Sick and carer's leave

Our staff members will accrue 15 days paid leave per annum which can be taken for a personal illness or injury, or for the purposes of providing care or support to a sick or injured member of the employee's immediate family or household.

Miscellaneous leave

Employees accrue miscellaneous leave at the rate of four days per year (subject to a maximum balance of 15 days). It allows greater flexibility in leave arrangements so that staff members can attend to family and personal obligations or emergencies without resorting to categories of leave intended for other purposes.

Maternity leave

Female staff members are entitled to up to 52 weeks leave associated with the birth of a child. They are required to take a minimum of six weeks before and eight weeks after confinement and paid maternity leave covers the first fourteen weeks of absence. The paid leave can be taken over a twenty eight week period at half pay. Any additional leave is unpaid.

Parental leave

On completion of 12 months service, four weeks paid parental leave will be available to an employee on the birth of their child, adoption or becoming a legal guardian of a child under the age of 16 years. Employees who have not completed 12 months' service are entitled to a maximum of one week paid parental leave.

Long service leave

Long service leave is available to employees after 10 years of service. It accrues at the rate of 3/10 month for each completed year of service, providing three months' leave after 10 years. Employees may apply for long service leave for twice the entitled duration, at half their normal rate of pay.

Leave without pay

Leave without pay is available to be granted at the discretion of the organisation either for general purposes for periods of up to 12 months; or for purposes relating to the duties of the employee, which are in the interests of the Organisation or of the Commonwealth, for periods in excess of 12 months.

Where we participate in equity ventures through the commercialisation of Intellectual Property, there may sometimes be opportunities for staff to accept employment (and take leave without pay for up to two years) with that venture company.

Leave without pay is not an entitlement (except where specific policies apply such as maternity leave) and applications are considered on a case by case basis.

Nursing mothers

Facilities have been provided in all First Aid rooms within CSIRO to assist nursing mothers to express breast milk during working hours or when required.

Prior service

A staff member can have the length of service for previous employment recognised for the purposes of sick leave and long service leave entitlements. This may apply to prior employment with the Australian Public Service, a Commonwealth Government authority, a State public service or authority, local government bodies, and with many Australian universities. Only in the case where prior employment was with another Commonwealth Agency, can funding equivalent to the accumulated Long Service Leave Liability be transferred to CSIRO.

Remuneration packaging

We offer flexible remuneration arrangements on a salary sacrifice basis which allows staff to more effectively package their salary to meet individual financial objectives. Options available include two full service providers, superannuation benefits and CSIROCARE child care.


We offer competitive salaries which are reviewed annually under the CSIRO Enterprise Agreement. Salaries are specific to CSIRO and not linked to other Federal or State Government designations. Our pay and conditions of service are set out in the CSIRO Enterprise Agreement.

Study assistance

Assistance with studies may be granted to enable our employees to undertake an educational commitment. We have a range of study assistance benefits on offer which can be tailored to suit the needs of our employees.


Employees enjoy one of the best superannuation schemes in Australia. The Public Sector Superannuation accumulation plan (PSSap) is managed by the Commonwealth Superannuation Corporation (formerly ComSuper) and allows members to select their own level of contributions and investment options which suit their own investment objectives.

If contributions are made to a superannuation fund, we will make an employer contribution, as appropriate. We also make an Employer Productivity Contribution for everyone employed in CSIRO.

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