CSIRO knows how important it is for our employees to strike a balance between their work and personal lives. We help our people with a range of flexible policies and practices to assist them in juggling their commitments.

Flexible working hours

We offer formal and informal flexible attendance arrangements to support a balance between both work and private commitments. This enables our staff to vary their pattern of attendance to make allowances for their commitments on a day-to-day basis, and for work peaks or troughs as negotiated with their supervisor. This is achieved by allowing time off to be granted where staff members have accumulated more than the required average work hours over a period of time.

Job sharing

Job sharing allows more than one person to complete the full time hours required of a role, allowing more time outside of work to meet work-life balance needs. A job-sharing arrangement usually involves dividing the workload between two people (usually each working a part-time schedule).


A part-time arrangement enables our employees to work less than the regular 36 3/4 hours per week. Staff may apply to work fewer hours per day or fewer days per week subject to organisational needs and approval by their manager. A part-time role is designed around a reduced workload so that responsibilities match the number of hours worked.

Reduced working year

Our employees may apply to work a reduced working year of between 40 and 48 working weeks over a 12 month period. Their salary for the year is reduced accordingly and will be paid in fortnightly installments. This arrangement can be used to provide time for study, extended travel, care of school age dependents during school holidays or for other personal reasons.

Study assistance

Assistance with studies may be granted to enable our employees to undertake an educational commitment. We have a range of study assistance benefits on offer which can be tailored to suit the needs of our employees.

Working from home

In certain circumstances our employees may be granted permission to undertake their work from home or off-site to meet the short or long term needs of the individual.

Nursing mothers

Facilities have been provided in all First Aid rooms within CSIRO to assist nursing mothers to express breast milk during working hours or when required.

CSIRO child care

We recognise that many employees have family responsibilities. We have on-site child care facilities at three major sites:

  • Black Mountain, Australian Capital Territory
  • Clayton, Victoria
  • North Ryde, New South Wales.

CSIROCARE Centres are provided principally for care of the children of our staff members.

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