Tertiary students may complete their compulsory work placement with CSIRO, working alongside leading scientists to further their learning and build long-lasting professional networks.

Industrial Traineeships provide an opportunity for students required to complete a placement as a compulsory component of their tertiary study to gain skills and experience. 

Industrial Traineeships are not advertised positions and do not form part of an organised program. To apply for an Industrial Traineeship you will need to identify a particular scientist at CSIRO who is working in an area of interest to you. Placements should align to CSIRO research output.

Once you have determined a project / scientist, you will need to contact them to make enquiries about conducting an Industrial Traineeship with them. Student placements are usually attached to an existing project with the agreement of the university’s Project Supervisor and the CSIRO Project Leader.

The Project Leader would expect to see a record of a satisfactory academic standard, and if applications are from overseas, be assured that students have sufficient funds to cover their travel and living allowances whilst in Australia. For the consideration of an Industrial Traineeship application the following documentation is required:

  • a current c.v.,
  • details of the type of project you want to work on,
  • details of grades or an academic transcript,
  • the Degree you are enrolled in,
  • number of years completed,
  • confirmation the Industrial Traineeship placement is a compulsory requirement of course.

Placements are usually for 3-6 months and no longer than the 12 month maximum.

You can search for people, areas of research or other key terms in our staff directory.

It is recommended that international applicants view the Australian Government website ‘Study in Australia’ .

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