Calling all tertiary students! Complete your compulsory work placement with us and work alongside leading scientists in an area of interest, and learn from the best while build long-lasting professional networks.

About our industrial traineeships

Bring to life what you're learning in your degree in a real world environment and rub shoulders with some of the greatest scientific minds that our country has to offer!

Here's what you need to know

Industrial traineeships provide an opportunity for undergraduate students required to complete a placement as a compulsory component of their tertiary study to immerse themselves in an innovative environment to gain valuable skills and experience that you won't find anywhere else.

Traineeship placements are usually for 3-6 months and available across a range of research and non-research functions. The number of placement opportunities varies each year and is based on projects on offer at the time of application.

What our industrial traineeships can offer you

Immersing yourself in CSIRO while completing your study not only provides you with access to our leading scientists and mentors, your placement also provides you with real life experience working in your area of interest while completing a compulsory component of your tertiary study.

Requirements and eligibility

The supervisor would expect to see a record of a satisfactory academic standard, and if applications are from overseas, be assured that students have sufficient funds to cover their travel and living costs whilst in Australia. It is recommended that international applicants view the Australian Government website 'Study in Australia' .

Before you start your placement, you and your university supervisor will be required to sign a three-way student agreement.

How to apply

Industrial traineeships are not advertised and do not form part of a formal program. To apply for an industrial traineeship you will need to identify a particular scientist at CSIRO who is working in an area of interest to you and make a direct approach.

Student placements are usually attached to an existing project with the agreement of the university's Project Supervisor and the CSIRO Project Leader. You can search for people, areas of research or other key terms in our staff directory.

Once you have determined a project/scientist, you will need to contact them to make enquiries about conducting an Industrial Traineeship with them. Please supply the following information and documentation at time of contact for your application to be considered:

  • a current c.v.
  • details of the type of project you want to work on
  • details of grades or an academic transcript
  • the degree you are enrolled in
  • number of years completed
  • confirmation the industrial traineeship placement is a compulsory requirement of course (or confirmation that you will gain credit in your course if the component is an elective).


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