Finding true work life balance is the holy grail to which every place aspires to, but few achieve. Our ‘Balance’ flexible work arrangement is about harnessing our diversity, supporting our team’s health and wellbeing, empowering our people and increasing team productivity. Read on to find out how Balance could work for you!

We know how important it is for our team members to strike a balance between their work and personal lives. By mainstreaming flexibility, we're accelerating every CSIRO team member's access and uptake of flexible work arrangements. With Balance in place, we're moving away from a one size fits all approach to how, when and where our people work to enable each person to shape their own working arrangements.

All team members have access to flexible working arrangements. Whether you are in the recruitment process for one of our roles or are considering working with us in future, a position with us means that as soon as you start with us, you can discuss possibilities around:

How you work

  • job sharing opportunities
  • return from long term leave program
  • knowledge that at any time, you can start a conversation about changing your working arrangements to support your role preferences, career direction and changes in your personal life
  • involvement in secondment opportunities such as Switch, spin-off companies and other ventures
  • access to phase to retirement scheme.

When you work

  • flexible start and finish times (within core hours)
  • full-time and part-time options
  • pay averaging over a reduced working year
  • leave options that support where you're at in life, including; time off in lieu (where applicable), miscellaneous leave, study leave, leave without pay to undertake personal or career development activities and more.

Where you work

  • working away from base – at home or remotely
  • working remotely from another CSIRO site while travelling
  • access to appropriate support to work remotely.

Talk to us about how one of our currently advertised roles could be flexible for you.


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