At CSIRO we take a human approach to everything we do. We value you as an individual and as somebody who has commitments beyond work. Our generous leave conditions give our people the flexibility to achieve big things while still enjoying a balanced life. Read on to find out more about our leave conditions.

We offer comprehensive leave conditions that can be accessed at various stages of your time with us. Further leave entitlements and details can be viewed below or at any time via our CSIRO Enterprise Agreement 2017-2020.

Recreation leave

Recreation leave is available to ensure that regular breaks are taken from the workplace for rest and relaxation. Full-time employees accrue recreation leave of up to twenty working days per annum. Part-time employees accrue recreation leave on a pro-rata basis relative to their standard hours of duty.

Maternity leave

All female staff are entitled up to 52 weeks of unpaid maternity leave on the birth of a child. If female staff members have completed 12 months of service with us or the Commonwealth they are entitled to 14 weeks of paid leave Alternatively, you can choose to take this leave over a twenty eight week period at half pay. Once this paid maternity leave period ends, any subsequent leave up to the 52 week mark will be unpaid.

Parental leave

Staff can access up to four weeks of paid parental leave on the birth of their child, adoption or becoming a legal guardian of a child under the age of 16 years. You must have been employed with us or the Commonwealth for a minimum of 12 months in order to access this leave. Employees who have not completed 12 months' service are entitled to a maximum of one week paid parental leave. Unpaid parental leave is also available for up to 12 months.

Adoption and fostering leave

This leave entitlement enables all staff (except casuals) to access up to 14 weeks of paid leave at their normal full time or part time salary, or 28 weeks at half pay for the purpose of providing care for the birth or placement of a child. Staff must have completed 12 months of service with CSIRO or the Commonwealth prior to accessing this leave. Eligible staff will also have access to unpaid leave for a total period of up to 52 weeks.

Miscellaneous leave

Miscellaneous leave is intended to provide flexibility to meet a team member's personal circumstances and to provide leave during the annual shut down period. It allows greater flexibility in leave arrangements so that staff members can attend to family and personal obligations or emergencies without resorting to categories of leave intended for other purposes. Our team members accrue miscellaneous leave at the rate of four days per year (subject to a maximum balance of 15 days and 17 days for staff in Alice Springs).

Domestic and family violence leave

This leave option gives our team members the additional support to attend to matters arising from domestic and family violence that affect them personally, their household or an immediate family member. This leave entitlement includes up to 10 days of paid leave per annum (pro rata for part time staff and unpaid leave for casual staff). Further support, access to services and flexible working arrangement are also available to team members during times of need.

Leave without pay

Leave without pay may also be granted for general purposes for periods of up to three years. Reasons for this leave can include for family and personal reasons, in times when taking other forms of leave is not appropriate, when paid leave credits are not available or when the absence is in the interests of the Commonwealth.

Sick and carer's leave

A team member accrues up to 15 days paid leave per annum (pro rata) which can be taken for a personal illness or injury, or for the purposes of providing care or support to a sick or injured member of the employee's immediate family or household. Unpaid sick and carer's leave is also available.

Long service leave

Long service leave is available to team members after 10 years of service. It accrues at the rate of 3/10 month for each completed year of service (excluding any periods of unpaid leave) and is pro-rated for part time employees. At the end of 10 years, team members can access 3 months of paid long service leave. There is also option to extend this leave duration by taking twice the amount of leave (6 months) at half of their normal rate of pay.

Voluntary emergency management activity leave

In addition to Miscellaneous leave, unpaid leave is available for team members participating in voluntary emergency management activities. This includes leave for regular training, all emergency services responses, reasonable recovery time and ceremonial duties.

Compassionate leave

All team member's (excluding casuals) may be granted up to three days paid compassionate leave on each occasion that a member of their immediate family or household contracts or develops a personal illness that poses a serious threat to his or her life, sustains a personal injury that poses a serious threat to his or her life or passes away. Casuals are entitled to up to 3 days' unpaid compassionate leave. We also offer a number of services to support staff and their families during this time.

Study leave

Many team members undertake additional study while they are with us. Financial assistance with studies may be granted to team members who undertake an educational commitment, as well as the opportunity to access other benefits like study leave.


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