We seek to employ people who can provide quality administrative, financial, technical, IT, communication, general management and other support functions, as well as apprentices and trainees.

Technical services

Technical services provide support for scientific research in a diverse range of situations across a broad range of research projects. This support consists of the application of accepted technical practices and the development of new practices.

Opportunities exist for highly skilled trades people trained as:

  • scientific instrument makers
  • electricians
  • fitters
  • sheet metal workers
  • carpenters
  • plumbers
  • those seeking apprenticeships in these fields.

Entry requirements: An associate diploma from a TAFE college, a trade certificate and/or relevant work experience.

Apprentices: Successful completion of secondary schooling.

Communication and information services

Communication and information services support the delivery of science through effective communication and management of information, either within or outside CSIRO, to enhance our public image and promote its capabilities.

Our people who work in the Communication and Information Services area may interact with industry groups, other government agencies, professional groups, media and the general public. Opportunities include science communicators, librarians, and IT and educational professionals.

Entry requirements: A certificate, associate diploma, diploma, degree or postgraduate degree in relevant disciplines and/or relevant work experience.

Administrative services

Administrative services provide administrative and management services that support the provision of research and development activities. This involves the development and implementation and/or administration of policies, systems and procedures to assist us in achieving its objectives and meeting government and regulatory responsibilities.

Depending on your area of interest opportunities are available in finance, legal, media, business development, or human resources or in a secretarial or administrative support capacity to a manager and/or a team.

Entry requirements: An associate diploma, diploma, degree or postgraduate degree in relevant disciplines and/or relevant work experience.

General services

General services support research through the provision of routine site maintenance activities, which maintain and /or enhance the work environments of CSIRO.

Opportunities exist for:

  • field workers
  • animal carers
  • photographers
  • store persons.

Entry requirements: Appropriate level of relevant skills, knowledge and experience from basic education and/or relevant work experience.

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