Our four research capability streams are scientists/engineers, consulting, management and projects. Each stream has its own entry requirements.

Scientists and engineers

Our scientist and engineering staff have the opportunity to conduct innovative research leading to scientific achievements that are aligned with our strategies and have a positive impact. They are engaged in scientific activity ranging from research to the investigation of specific industry or community problems.

They build and maintain networks, play a lead role in securing project funds, communicate scientific results through publishing research papers and presenting at conferences, provide scientific leadership, and pursue new ideas and approaches that create new concepts.

Entry requirement: PhD or equivalent and proven research ability in your field.


Research consultants initiate, develop, lead and promote our research capability for the benefit of Australia's economy, society and/or environment by forming strategic partnerships with industry.

Our staff in this role may establish multi-organisational, collaborative research programs leading to the delivery of results for clients. They are given the freedom to pursue new ideas and approaches, build and maintain alliances, collaborate on the uptake of research results and play a lead role in preparing detailed research proposals and project reports.

Entry requirement: PhD or equivalent, together with relevant practical experience, or managerial and/or commercial qualifications, plus significant experience and depth of understanding of science either from a research or industry perspective.


Research management staff will initiate, develop, lead and promote our research capability for the benefit of Australia's economy, society and/or environment. They will provide management and/or leadership of research, client relationships, staff and other resources and ensure delivery of scientific results to clients.

Staff in this area may also be responsible for the establishment and facilitation of multi-team and multi-organisational collaborative research programs aligned with our strategic goals.

Entry requirement: PhD or equivalent and/or managerial qualifications combined with significant experience and understanding of science from either a research or industry background.


Support staff in the research projects stream will collaborate in scientific activities with our research scientists by assisting with detailed planning, undertaking experimental and observational work, carrying out the more practical aspects of the work, and contributing to the writing of research papers.

At senior levels, staff in these areas may be involved in providing consulting services, science management and/or industry liaison.

Entry requirement: Relevant skills and knowledge derived from basic or tertiary education and/or relevant work experience.

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